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Tiered Empowerment Drives PEX Reliability

The proactive efforts of the Uponor maintenance team power a strategy that keeps the machines running and maintains optimum PEX-piping quality.

Consider The Common Cause Method

Stand-alone issues may actually have some things in common. Rooting out those factors is the only way to prevent such problems from recurring.

If You Build It, Secure It: Think Like a Hacker

Strategies from other industries can be relevant and helpful for manufacturing operations, as can learning from the missteps of others.

FEATUREDWEBINARHEADAddress Equipment Failures
with Root-Cause Analysis


Applying defect-elimination tools such as root-cause analysis can remove the reactive work that prevents sites from performing essential proactive care tasks. In addition to discussing why root-cause analysis is important, how to do it right, and what it means to reliability, this webinar will provide a common-sense approach that can be implemented within the demands placed on those charged with maintaining/restoring equipment function. 


If you’re tired of putting out “fires,” participate in this webinar and so you can start preventing them. 


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Click here for fully interactive product samples, and more information on the tools you can use to keep things running.

announcementshead2Survey Winner

Congratulations to Ronald Barr, Maintenance Manager at Petersen Precision Engineering in Redwood City, CA. Ronald won a $50 American Express gift card for responding to our 2015 Maintenance Technology State of the Practice Survey. 


Call for Entries: NAME Award

North American Maintenance Excellence Award honors manufacturing, processing, and service industry sites that have achieved world-class excellence in their maintenance, reliability, and capacity assurance. 


Click here for more information or to apply.


4 Ways to Maximize HVLS Fan ROI
Those large, slow-moving ceiling fans are powerful energy-saving tools when properly managed.

Extend Chain Life
Don’t overlook chains and components during your maintenance rounds.

Scan These Six Energy Wasters
Thermal imaging will help you find and eliminate wasted energy in these industrial hot spots.

Keep Your Planners Focused
Here are 13 pitfalls that should be avoided if your planner is going to be effective.


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.24.27 AMUptime: Seven Steps To Culture Change
By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor

What is Your Culture?
By Gary L. Parr, Editorial Director

For On The Floor: How Real Are Reliability Program Challenges?
By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor

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