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Reliability Programs

Sept. 27, 2016 | 2 p.m. ET

The concept of Reliability and creating a Reliable Manufacturing Process is on everyone’s minds these days. Constrained budgets and fragile economies are driving many organizations to use reliability to realize more from their existing assets. However, improving reliability is not as simple as increasing asset performance.

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Control Valve Condition Monitoring
Prevents Unplanned Shutdowns
The City of Ames (Iowa) municipal power plant implemented a valve monitoring service to gain better insight into the condition of its control valves. Through the monitoring service, the plant was able to focus maintenance efforts on only those valves that needed attention, thus eliminating unnecessary work. Improved valve performance has, in turn, prevented unplanned shutdowns and allowed plant personnel to focus on other maintenance issues.

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On The Floor: Equipment-Performance Data — Challenges and Payback
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Final Thought: The Yin and Yang of Availability
By Dr. Klaus M. Blache

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