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Leading by Example

International pump manufacturer Grundfos demonstrates its commitment to sustainability in a water-saving project at its plant in California.

All in a Day’s Work

Two Schneider Electric facility engineers share tips for ensuring the safety, efficiency and reliability of a site’s electrical system.

Why Single-Sourcing is Bad

Heinz Bloch explains why narrowing your supply-chain choices is a surefire way to choke off innovation.

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Click here for fully interactive product samples, and more information on the tools you can use to keep things running.




Fig-1-newPLCs Control Massive Hangar Doors at San Francisco International Airport

MicroSmart Pentra PLCs from IDEC are almost lost in this huge structure, yet they provide vital control and monitoring of the doors to allow the coming and going of airplanes as large as a 747-400s.


5 Steps to a Safer Manufacturing Facility

A manufacturing facility can be a dangerous place, especially if management doesn’t enforce strict safety protocol and maintenance checks.

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Frank Seidenthal, President of Ludeca, Inc., showcases several products including the VibXpert I and VibXpert II. For more videos, click here.

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