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The State of the Practice: Steady As She Goes

Our survey-based review of maintenance best-practice strategies shows little change in their usage from three years ago.

Managing Your Value Stream

Improvement initiatives backed by effective practices and policies can enhance profitability. Careful preparation is key, says this industry veteran.

Safe Starting of Motors: Check for Temperature Increase

Motor life depends on careful starting procedures and minimizing heat build-up. 

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Survey Winner

Congratulations to Ronald Barr, Maintenance Manager at Petersen Precision Engineering in Redwood City, CA. Ronald won a $50 American Express gift card for responding to our 2015 Maintenance Technology State of the Practice Survey. 


Call for Entries: NAME Award 

 North American Maintenance Excellence Award honors manufacturing, processing, and service industry sites that have achieved world-class excellence in their maintenance, reliability, and capacity assurance. 


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Frank Seidenthal, President of Ludeca, Inc., showcases several products including the VibXpert I and VibXpert II. For more videos, click here.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.24.27 AMUptime: STOs The Pit-Crew Way
By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor

Forward Observations: Journey Not the Same for All
By Rick Carter, Executive Editor

Don’t Procrastinate…Innovate: Maintaining to the Weakest Link, Part 1 — Weakness as a Desired State
By Ken Bannister, CMRP, Contributing Editor

Industry Trends: Make APM Part of Your ORM Program
By Dan Miklovic, Principal Analyst, LNS Research

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