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The Business Case For Asset Reliability

Build it by understanding how the many benefits of asset reliability affect everything the operation wants to accomplish.

3 Ways To Communicate Between Mobile Devices And PC-Based HMIs

Mobile technology allows instant access to production data, but users must still select the correct method for establishing communications.

The Benefits of Detailed Failed-Part Analysis

Analyze your failed parts as a doctor would conduct an autopsy, and you’ll learn much about your operational effectiveness.

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Click here for fully interactive product samples, and more information on the tools you can use to keep things running.



Winter Words: Lubrication Advice for Ensuring Desired Levels of Plant-Equipment Performance Year-Round

Implementing a best-practice, engineered lube-management program will help ensure equipment health, efficiency and productivity, no matter the operating environment or time of year. Weather conditions across much of North America this winter are a case in point.


Fig-1-newPLCs Control Massive Hangar Doors at San Francisco International Airport



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Frank Seidenthal, President of Ludeca, Inc., showcases several products including the VibXpert I and VibXpert II. For more videos, click here.

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