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1:57 am
February 2, 1997
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Managing Preventive Maintenance

Excerpt from Joel Levitt’s book, Managing Factory Maintenance, explains how to justify a preventive maintenance program and provides insight into how to set up a program. What is preventive maintenance (PM)? It is a series of tasks that either Extends the life of an asset (greasing a gearbox, for example) or Detects that an asset […]


8:24 pm
February 1, 1997
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Setting Up a Condition Management Program

Computerized plant condition management systems outperform manual methods in the enhancement of safety and the reliability of equipment and piping. Accurate treatment of inspection data can cut inspection monitoring costs. Regulatory requirements and industry codes and practices, combined with an international drive for more cost-effective preventive maintenance, are leading many plants toward computerized information management […]


8:07 pm
February 1, 1997
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CMMS Integrated with Facilities Systems

Huntsville Hospital was established in 1895 as a small infirmary serving the growing community of Huntsville, AL. The hospital has become known for its many firsts. It was the first modern hospital established in the Tennessee Valley. It opened Alabama’s first onsite employee child care center in 1967. It became northern Alabama’s first hospital to […]