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2:19 am
September 2, 1997
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Preventable Maintenance Costs More Than Suspected

Engineers reviewed more than 15,000 work orders in the quest to identify the extent of preventable maintenance for major corporations in North America. The concept of preventable maintenance (“Focusing on Preventable Maintenance,” MT 10/95, pg 23) has matured into one of the most powerful factors used by HSB Reliability Technologies’ (HSBRT) engineers to drive the […]


1:26 am
September 2, 1997
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Using Ultrasound To Inspect Steam Traps

Faulty steam traps waste energy, they contribute to pipe erosion when contaminants are allowed to pass downstream, and they can add to environmental pollution and negatively affect product quality. Steam traps should be inspected routinely. Inspection frequency is often determined by application. For example, steam systems used only for facility heating may be inspected annually […]


9:25 pm
September 1, 1997
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Harley-Davidson Revs Up Its Maintenance Savings

Harley-Davidson Motor Co. in Milwaukee, WI, is upgrading its buildings on Juneau Avenue. The first building was constructed in 1906 to house the company’s manufacturing operations. Now the original factory has grown to a 650,000 sq ft campus, most of which is on the National Register of Historic Places. Harley-Davidson produces heavyweight motorcycles and a […]