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12:03 am
November 8, 1997
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Seven Ps Of PM

Over the years I have collected scraps of information from articles, technical papers, conference sessions, and conversations in the maintenance community. On occasion those bits seem to form patterns such as the Seven Ps of PM. Panic Maintenance: Maintenance performed to repair a failure; often called reactive maintenance after the panic subsides. Preventive Maintenance: Maintenance […]


3:59 am
November 2, 1997
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Assessing Maintenance Performance

Experience of large multiplant company serves as model for developing a benchmarking process and turning the findings into a strategy for improving maintenance and reliability practices. A growing number of industrial plants are expending considerable effort reviewing their relative competence in maintaining reliable equipment at a competitive cost. Some are using the traditional approach of […]


12:06 am
November 2, 1997
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Maintenance – Is There A Silver Bullet Solution?

At a recent maintenance and reliability conference, participants in one session were treated to a commercial sales pitch advocating a specific process as the end-all solution for maintenance. If this wasn’t bad enough at a conference supposedly cleansed of all supplier influences, the advocacy was constructed on arguable examples of shortcomings in condition directed or […]


9:27 pm
November 1, 1997
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Qualifying Motor Repair On Line

Motor repair shops, whether in the plant or commercial facilities outside the plant, should be able to furnish vibration data on repaired motors for use in condition monitoring or predictive maintenance programs. A requirement for such data is being included in motor repair specifications by an increasing number of maintenance and reliability professionals. Customers can […]


8:15 pm
November 1, 1997
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A Successful Approach To Implementing A CMMS

Defining what the system should manage and planning the implementation are two keys to a successful computerized maintenance management system. Information is the key ingredient in meaningful decisions on reducing maintenance costs. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a tool that can provide valuable information about how a maintenance department is performing. Sandia National […]