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2:30 am
December 2, 1997
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Reinventing The Wheel

A new look at the maintenance work management process The goal of work management is lowest cost reliability, which has two parts: equipment reliability and human reliability. Equipment reliability is the final result–where the bottom line is improved by increased production output and lower operating and maintenance costs. Human reliability is the set of activities […]

1:32 am
December 2, 1997
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Condition-Based Maintenance Program Shows Results

Pending deregulation of the electric utility industry presents new challenges for companies. Southern Company, originally a single source provider, saw the trend toward competition and decided to take a proactive stance. Its goal is to be the most reliable low-cost producer. “The keys to achieving a competitive advantage are reliability and lower capital and operatingmaintenance […]

12:11 am
December 2, 1997
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My New Favorite Questions

When companies shift their focus from maintenance and repair to reliability and maintainability (R&M), interesting things happen. Maintenance costs go down and equipment availability goes up. The need for capital and spare parts inventory decreases while production capacity and quality increase. But most companies realize only a small portion of the potential return because they […]

12:08 am
December 2, 1997
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Breakthrough Strategy for Changing Behaviors

“You mean we’re going to have to work on the equipment before it breaks down?” That’s what one experienced mechanic asked after he heard about his company’s new proactive approach to maintenance. His statement points to the crux of one of the biggest challenges we face when moving from a reactive maintenance work culture to […]

8:16 pm
December 1, 1997
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Check Work Management Functions When Selecting a CMMS

Work request, work order management, and work planning and scheduling functions are key checkpoints for selecting and installing a computerized maintenance management system. The basic reason for purchasing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is to control maintenance costs through effective planning and scheduling and through identifying problem areas for reliability studies. No system will […]