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5:17 pm
November 1, 1998
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Team Empowerment and Benchmarking at Saturn Corp.

Here is how a maintenance assessment process can be used to collect benchmarking data to help improve internal processes. The usual goal of benchmarking with other companies is to compare processes and the costs associated with them and to discover new concepts. When you are competing in a national or global economy, competition to reduce […]


3:52 am
October 2, 1998
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An Outstanding Opportunity

Circle December 1–3 on your calendar. Those are the dates for MAINTECH, a new conference and trade show for the maintenance and reliability community sponsored by Maintenance Technology Magazine. We plan to hold it twice a year, the first one this December in Houston. Why another conference and trade show? To provide an additional opportunity […]


3:50 am
October 2, 1998
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E-Mail: The Most Used, Least Effective Communications Tool

Working with many different types of manufacturing facilities seeking improvement programs around North America proves to be most insightful. We have been working with several locations to improve communications about equipment and process reliability and have discovered why some preventive maintenance (PM) programs fail. The answer lies somewhere in the use of e-mail or electronic […]


3:49 am
October 2, 1998
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Dollars: The Only Real Measure of Equipment Effectiveness

I’ve been talking so much about the necessity to build equipment effectiveness on a sturdy financial base that people are accusing me of being a “bean counter.” I must admit it is a bit frustrating to believe very strongly in a concept that others may not consider especially important. After numerous discussions and presentations over […]


7:15 pm
October 1, 1998
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Using Ultrasound To Gauge Internal Corrosion

Factors to consider when selecting and using ultrasonic gauges to measure remaining pipe and tank wall thickness. A particularly important problem that faces many industries is measurement of remaining wall thickness in pipes, tubes, tanks, and structural members subject to corrosion. Such corrosion is often not detectable by visual inspection, even when the area is […]


5:28 pm
October 1, 1998
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ADC for Maintenance Management

Automatic data collection technologies are ready to enhance data entry for the information-driven maintenance organization.   An optical scanner reads a bar code that provides data about the equipment. Bar codes can also support work orders, parts inventory, asset tracking, and labor reporting. (Photograph courtesy Tiscor.) Like any other mission-critical activity, maintenance management is driven […]


5:14 pm
October 1, 1998
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Measuring The Cost of Unreliability

A practical tool that allows managers to quickly understand the value of reliability and how reliability impacts profit. Not long ago, reliability was considered engineering alchemy, an “Alice in Wonderland” science. Today, reliability is being treated as a true engineering discipline. It is such a popular term that it has given birth to an entire […]


3:47 am
September 2, 1998
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Who Are We?

Reliability is rapidly gaining acceptance as an active partner with maintenance in the minds of people responsible for equipment asset management and plant capacity. Perhaps it is the results of the formation of the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP) which included both maintenance and reliability in its name. Or, perhaps it is the […]