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6:29 pm
January 1, 1998
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Selecting and Installing Industrial Accelerometers

As the number and importance of permanently installed vibration sensors increases, so does the importance of proper installation and operation. Proper sensor selection requires special attention to three main issues: sensor design, dynamic expectations, and application environment. Sensor design encompasses the actual sensing element and the physical material and component selection for the sensor. Preferred […]


5:39 pm
January 1, 1998
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Established preventive maintenance programs can be improved by using reliability-centered maintenance

Here is an approach for making the transition. The consideration to shift a well-organized, effective preventive maintenance (PM) program to a reliability centered maintenance (RCM) basis is attractive. RCM is the logic-based methodology for determining what preventive maintenance is required to maximize the reliability of equipment and production systems. The concepts of the 80-20 approach […]