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12:45 am
October 2, 1999
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Keeping Threaded Fasteners in Their Place

It’s been said that man’s invention of nails, rivets, screws, and other basic fasteners helped pave the road from the Stone Age to the Space Age. If that is true, then fastener loosening has provided quite a few of the speed bumps and pot holes on that road. Keeping fasteners tight, particularly threaded fasteners, seems […]


10:33 pm
October 1, 1999
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RPM Can Work!

Reliable Predictable Manufacturing process eliminates defects in can line at Coors, improving performance and cutting costs. There is universal agreement that improved machine performance can control and reduce manufacturing costs. That was the goal of Coors Brewing Co., Golden, CO, when it commissioned a maintenance benchmarking study of its can and bottle packaging lines and […]