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3:22 am
December 2, 2000
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The Maintenance Future

Most people know me as a science fiction novelist rather than a maintenance industry expert. As such, I thought a glimpse of the future of maintenance was in order—a glance at a facilities operation in 2012. Maintenance Manager Mel wakes up and turns on his EU (entertainment unit), a combination of a television, music system, […]


3:20 am
December 2, 2000
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Focusing Your Resources

Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor Each fall we survey a sample of our readers to gather information about their pay and how it relates to their age, experience, job responsibilities, industry, and other characteristics. This year’s results are outlined in “2000 Survey of Maintenance Salaries” which begins on page 29. The results are congruent with […]


3:18 am
November 2, 2000
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An open window of opportunity

Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor For years, reliability and maintenance professionals have been complaining, a la Rodney Dangerfield, “we don’t get no respect.” Well, that may be changing. A window of opportunity may be opening to provide some C-level access. Although it may not open wide enough to climb through, it will likely open wide […]


3:16 am
November 2, 2000
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Failure to define failure leads to confusion

Failure modes, failure causes, and failure effects are important concepts in reliability centered maintenance (RCM) and similar processes. Without a clear understanding of these failure terms, the analyses often become confusing and possibly lead to incorrect decisions. For as long as I can recall, there have been varying degrees of confusion about what people mean […]


9:36 pm
November 1, 2000
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A Best Process Model for Asset Management

Significant cultural changes, cost savings, and increases in mechanical availability can be achieved by the implementation of this model. As many asset-intensive companies have increasingly searched for a competitive advantage, maintenance and reliability of assets have evolved as major contributors. Organizations are being challenged to improve efficiency and work with less. Various processes, such as […]


3:13 am
October 2, 2000
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No Excuses

Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor I had the opportunity last month to meet with the Maintenance Excellence Roundtable and tour the plant of this year’s host Dofasco, said to be the most profitable integrated steel maker in North America. The Maintenance Excellence Roundtable is a group of companies that meets once a year at a […]


3:11 am
October 2, 2000
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The Basic Pillars of Total Productive Maintenance

Robert M. Williamson, Strategic Work Systems, Inc. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) can be defined in many ways to suit the unique needs of a company or industry. But most of the universally accepted definitions of TPM build on the basic five pillars of TPM from the Japan Institute for Plant Maintenance. For TPM to be […]