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9:07 pm
June 1, 2001
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Infrared Thermography – How to Get Started

Determine what features are desirable, according to the results you want. If you are not familiar with infrared thermography and thermal imaging, you may wonder what a thermal image looks like. A thermal image is a black-and-white picture. On a relative scale, it will show hot objects as white and cold objects as black. Temperatures […]


3:27 pm
June 1, 2001
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No Pain, No Gain

Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor Yesterday, I paid more than $2 a gallon for regular gasoline in Chicago. Each time I fill up, I see motorists muttering under their breaths. If you listen closely, you hear words such as “oil company greed,” “environmentalists,” “President Bush,” and “energy crisis” sprinkled among the expletives. Conversation at a […]


3:19 pm
June 1, 2001
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Why PM Programs Do Not Significantly Reduce Reactive Maintenance

Your company probably has an extensive preventive maintenance (PM) program in place. In spite of all the PMs, you are still finding that well over 50 percent of your maintenance work is reactive maintenance. Sound familiar? This is a very common problem. There are many companies that have extensive PM programs but are finding that […]