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4:29 pm
February 1, 2001
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Replace Eddy Currents with AC Drives to Reduce Maintenance

The versatility, operating efficiencies, and installation economies of general purpose adjustable frequency ac drives are making them increasingly popular as replacements for aging eddy current drives. The combined simplicity of an ac drive and standard inverter duty motor provide maintenance advantages which are not available from standard eddy current drives. Mechanical complexity is reduced, as […]


3:03 pm
February 1, 2001
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Behind the Scenes

Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor I continue to be amazed by what goes on behind the scenes in business, even within industries with which I am familiar. Every activity has its specialized vocabulary and processes, and I enjoy learning about them. Perhaps that is why I became an editor, to get an opportunity to peek […]


3:01 pm
February 1, 2001
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Six Sigma and Asset Dependability

In case you haven’t noticed, the Six Sigma quality revolution is gaining greater acceptance as the long-term strategy to sustainable productivity. Simply stated, Six Sigma focuses on reducing variation in our business’ internal processes using a rigorously structured, statistical approach that is tied to business results. When senior leadership truly understands this premise, it should […]