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12:51 am
March 2, 2002
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The Role for Universities in maintenance and reliability education

Traditionally, U.S. universities have shied away from education and research in the area of industrial maintenance and reliability. While many institutions have developed excellent capability in statistics, probabilities, and other mathematical approaches to the science of reliability, most have largely ignored the more practical areas of industrial reliability and maintenance, much to the detriment of […]

10:38 pm
March 1, 2002
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Choosing a Full-Service Lubricant Supplier

In a complex manufacturing operation, commodity lubricants bought from multiple suppliers are easy to take for granted. But this approach can compromise productivity and profitability. The consolidation of lubricant purchasing with the right supplier can help manage and enhance this important maintenance function. However, the selected vendor must offer a complete solution in the form […]

8:12 pm
March 1, 2002
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Leveraging time with technology

Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor In “Where To Place Your Bets In 2002,” my Uptime editorial for January, I noted that requests for maintenance and reliability funding must be made carefully. I went on to ask if anyone has a system guaranteed to beat the odds. James Taylor, president of Vibration Consultants, Inc., Tampa, FL, […]

8:10 pm
March 1, 2002
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How valuable is your Network?

How valuable are the people you have influenced or who have influenced you in the maintenance and reliability profession? What is the intangible value to you, your company, and your professionalism of the numerous contacts you have made over the years? Have you even considered a network as part of your career development? I am […]

7:18 pm
March 1, 2002
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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Good news! The chairman and the president of your company have just called to say they will be visiting your plant within a half hour. They requested that you present all the ideas you have to make your maintenance program world class. Do you: a) Speed read several books on maintenance management? b) Make a […]