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1:49 am
October 2, 2002
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Understanding Maintenance Spending

Identify additional costs beyond the expense of keeping equipment operating. Maintenance groups frequently are asked to perform numerous activities in addition to maintaining equipment and facilities. These activities are important to business functions, but often are not recognized by upper management as spending that is in addition to “maintenance spending.” It is important to identify […]


9:42 pm
October 1, 2002
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Maintenance and Reliability Practices Study

What MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY readers are saying about how they measure success, barriers to better maintenance, and outsourcing strategies. What are the most important issues facing maintenance and reliability management? What are the perceived barriers to success? What functions are most likely to be outsourced? To find the answers to these and other questions about the […]


8:39 pm
October 1, 2002
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Just Getting Started

Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor Interesting thing about anniversaries, the ones that end in zero always seem to trigger more memories than the others. As I look forward to the Tenth Annual SMRP Conference October 27-30, 2002 in Nashville, TN, my thoughts are drawn to the organization’s first conference, as well as the 18 months […]