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12:55 am
December 2, 2002
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Share What You Know

Every employee has a wealth of knowledge to offer, and systems must exist where this knowledge can be transferred to someone else. One of the major concerns haunting every corporation is how to capture human knowledge, experience, and expertise before it walks out the door. When employees retire or accept employment elsewhere, they leave with […]


10:26 pm
December 1, 2002
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Understanding Shaft Alignment: Basics

Part one of a four-part series that will cover alignment fundamentals and thermal growth, and highlight the importance of field measurements through two case studies. Despite the best efforts to precisely align rotating machinery shafts, dynamic movement (commonly believed to be due to the thermal growth of the machine casings) has resulted in machines operating […]


10:19 pm
December 1, 2002
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Why a CMMS Needs General Ledger Integration

In order to accurately track costs, measure the benefits of implementation, and produce high-quality management reports, a computerized maintenance management system must be tied to the business manager’s main tool. By any objective standard, manufacturing plants and facilities have wide-ranging and deep-seated problems with computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS): Surveys indicate that 90-95 percent of […]


8:58 pm
December 1, 2002
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The Common Failure of Recycled Improvement Initiatives

Is your company guilty of continually creating new improvement initiatives every few years or, even worse, what we sometimes hear as the next management flavor of the month? There are some very good reasons why this happens: 1. Due to growing healthy appetites for better and more, the expectations of consumers (that’s us) for products […]


8:55 pm
December 1, 2002
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What's the Hottest Performance Initiative?

Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor Maintenance and reliability leaders in every industry and in all sizes of plants are searching out best practices and the processes that will help them close the gap between their current position and the department goals that will contribute most to corporate objectives. If not, they won’t remain leaders for […]


7:39 pm
December 1, 2002
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Revitalizing an Aging Grounding System

Checking, testing, and updating installations improves overall electrical parameters. Jersey City-based New Jersey International & Bulk Mail Center (NJI-BMC), one of the largest United States Postal Service facilities, was concerned about effectively maintaining its aging grounding system for 26kV, 5kV, and 600V primary, medium, and low voltage power distribution systems. The safety and security of […]