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3:20 am
February 2, 2003
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Improve Reliability With Mobile, Wireless Workflow Technology

Progressive organizations are using mobile, wireless workflow technology to streamline their process and maximize equipment reliability. It is no secret that each year petroleum refiners are spending less to process a barrel of crude oil into marketable fuel. Corporations realize they have to go beyond working harder to stay competitive. Forward-thinking companies continuously find more […]


7:34 pm
February 1, 2003
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Finding the Elephant in Maintenance

Robert M. Williamson, Strategic Work Systems, Inc. When looking for an elephant many people think they need to know lots of things about the beast. How do we track it? What does it eat? Where does it sleep? Where is it likely to hide on hot, sunny days? Where might it be when it’s cold […]


7:31 pm
February 1, 2003
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How Core Is Your Competency?

Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor Outsourcing is a business strategy that has been around for a long time, but it seems to be popping up more frequently in business management discussions. In the industrial plant arena, equipment maintenance is a possible candidate for outsourcing—7 percent of plants do it frequently or all the time. Writing […]


3:21 pm
February 1, 2003
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Determining Accurate Alignment Targets

Part three of a four-part series that will cover alignment fundamentals and thermal growth, and highlight the importance of field measurements through two case studies. The previous article in this series, “Understanding Shaft Alignment: Thermal Growth” (MT 1/03, pg. 19), explained thermal growth and its affect on proper equipment alignment. A practical example involves a […]