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2:46 am
September 2, 2004
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Asset Management Approach Transforms Maintenance

From its base in Evansville, IN, Vectren Resources, a $2 billion utility, provides electricity or natural gas to nearly two-thirds of Indiana and 16 counties in Ohio, servicing more than 1 million energy users. On the electric power side of its business, Vectren operates two power plants, which together use five coal-fired units and six […]


9:15 pm
September 1, 2004
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Drive Package Cuts Auto Assembly Conveyor Downtime

The new drive package at Ford’s Michigan Truck Plant includes (front to back) Stearns 333-3 armature-actuated electric disc brake and a 2 hp right-angle helical bevel Rexnord gearmotor with High Efficiency EPAct inverter duty electric motor. Guards are removed to show the sprocket and chain. A versatile drive replacement package that handles a variety of […]


7:04 pm
September 1, 2004
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Assessing Your Training Needs

Facing the Facts About Maintenance Skills • Most companies do not have fully skilled maintenance personnel. • It is hard to fire everyone who is incompetent. • Hiring skilled maintenance personnel is difficult. • Most repetitious equipment problems that cost companies billions of dollars a year are a direct result of skill deficiencies. • A […]


7:02 pm
September 1, 2004
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Five Steps to an Online Off-the-Shelf Portfolio of E-learning

Creating an e-learning program for your company can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. However, if you make the right choices up front, you can minimize hassle and still realize substantial return on investment. Today there are hundreds of e-learning companies offering everything from off-the-shelf computer productivity courses to custom on-line universities. Just sorting through all […]


5:35 pm
September 1, 2004
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Maintenance Outsourcing Is the Answer, Or Is It?

There is no single position regarding maintenance outsourcing that is correct for all organizations. With this in mind though, I have always believed that there is tremendous value in retaining core maintenance competencies in capital-intensive industrial environments and developing internal maintenance expertise on equipment that is key to the manufacturing process. To successfully support physical […]


5:25 pm
September 1, 2004
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Olympic Notes

I had been looking forward to the Olympic Games of 2004 with the hope of being able to see some of the fencing, the sport I’ve been competing in, off and on, for about 50 years. This year’s games were expected to be special because for the first time, the United States was going into […]


5:24 pm
September 1, 2004
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Get Your Own E-Mail Address

The Internet has changed how information is accessed and e-mail has changed how information is delivered. These developments have been nothing short of revolutionary, and many people have derived tremendous benefit from this new medium. In my business as an e-format business information publisher, we are facing huge challenges delivering our message to more than […]