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May 1, 2007
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Problem Solvers

High-Speed Vision Sensors

0507_probsolvers_cognexCognex Corporation now offers the In- Sight® 5600 series of vision sensors. This new line features the same design as the In-Sight 5400 series, but has double the processing speed and memory. Included in the product line is the standard (640×480) resolution
as well as the two-megapixel (1600×1200) models for performance in high-speed applications. All sensors have an IP67 (NEMA 4) rating and advanced vision software for inspection, identifi cation, measurement and alignment tasks.

Cognex Corporation
Natick, MA


Better Safety Instrumentation Monitoring

0507_probsolvers_honeywellHoneywell says that its new SIS-Health Monitoring technology helps reduce maintenance and failures in safety instrumented systems. It includes the SIS-Health Monitoring Local Reliability Database module that stores all inventory information regarding a site’s safety instrumentation. The SIS-Health Monitoring Analysis Toolset lets operators analyze, validate and optimize these systems’ reliability and Safety Integrity Level (SIL). Operating as standalone units or together as an integrated system, the two modules can be used with any type or brand of safety instrumentation.

Phoenix, AZ


Lockout/Tagout Solutions0507_probsolvers_panduit

A new Lockout/Tagout and Safety Solutions Catalog, SA-IDCB33, is now available from Panduit Corp. The smallsized catalog covers the company’s lockout/tagout products, safety and facility identifi cation products and training materials. A convenient reference section on industry standards also is included. The free catalog can be requested through customer service or downloaded from the company’s Web site.

Panduit Corp.
Tinley Park, IL





0507_probsolvers_commtestState-of-the-Art Vibration Analysis

With the popularity of its vb3000™ portable vibration analysis tool in mind, Commtest has engineered its all-new vb7™ instrument’s electronics from the ground up. Designed by and for predictive maintenance professionals, the vb7 incorporates stateof- the-art components, sculpted into an especially comfortable, lightweight unit. The manufacturer notes that the all-in-one tool is suitable for every level of vibration analyst, from novice through expert. Its Ascent® software contains the collective experience of over 25 years of  expert in-depth machine fault analysis.

Knoxville, TN


Centralized Mist Removal In A Box

0507_probsolvers_cecoAcid and other chemical mist can be removed with a minimal 99.5% effi ciency, using CECO Filters’ Mist Collector Systems (CMC). Mist cleaning is confi ned to a single room with this “boxed solution” design that can collect effl uent from several operations. According to the manufacturer, its fi ber bed fi lters provide up to 10 years of service life. Standard CMC units come in 18 sizes, with ACFM capacities ranging from 2,400 to 36,000.

CECO Environmental Corp.
Cincinnati, OH


Extreme Condition Computers

0507_problemsolvers6Glacier Computers notes that products in its new Everest series for harsh environments are ideal for both forklift and fi xed-mounted applications. These computers have passed thermal and reliability testing, have been HALT tested and have an MTBF of 40,000 hours. Screens are available in 10.4” and 12.1”. They also come with multiple processor options, a 6V to 60V isolated internal power supply and the ability operate in Linux and numerous Windows formats.

Glacier Computer
Amherst, NH