6:00 am
January 1, 2008
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Fundamental Solutions


Insulated Hose Promotes Process Efficiency

Flexaust Flex-Vest® Insulated Hose features 1” fiberglass insulation with R-value=4 sandwiched between a doubleply silicone coated fiber-glass fabric inside layer, reinforced with a spring steel wire helix, and an outer layer of singleply neoprene coated polyester fabric hose, also reinforced with a spring steel wire helix. Keeping extreme temperatures inside with minimal loss, this flexible hose operates from -65 F to 550 F. This energy-saving product is suited for air handling applications at low positive or negative pressures and conforms to UL-94.

Warsaw, IN

0108_fund_shaftShaft-Sealing Solutions Optimize Lube Retention

SKF® low-friction Waveseal® shaft-sealing solutions feature a specially molded lip to form a sinusoidal or wave pattern around the shaft surface. This unique pattern enables lubricant to be pumped back to the bearing for optimized lubricant retention while pushing dirt away from the lip/shaft surface (regardless which way the shaft is turning) to protect against contamination. Seals with a Waveseal sealing lip are suitable for many applications, including gearboxes, speed reducers, transmissions, motors, drive systems and pumps, among others.

Kulpsville, PA

0108_fund_thermoTotal IR Thermometer Solutions

Fluke has announced availability of the Fluke 566 and 568 Thermometers featuring broad infrared (IR) temperature measurement functionality, an on-screen menu system and a dot-matrix display. Both models combine contact and non-contact temperature measurement capability in one single, easy-touse tool, providing a total and convenient temperature measurement solution for industrial, electrical and maintenance professionals working in a wide variety of inspection applications. Their K-type thermocouple bead probes let users take contact measurements immediately.

Fluke Corporation
Everett, WA