6:43 pm
July 29, 2009
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Next-Generation Industrial Wastewater Recycling Technologies

water-maze_ja09Water Maze has introduced its “Innovator Series” of products, next-generation automated wastewater recycling equipment that uses electro-coagulation and chemical treatment to remove emulsified oils, heavy solids and metals from a broad range of waste streams found in industrial washing applications. The four new patent-pending products are modular and can be used individually or together for a more complete filtration process. The new EC2-20A integrates electro-coagulation (an electrolytic process) and chemical flocculation to speed up the process of removing suspended solids to emulsified oils and heavy metals. The CoAg2-20A employs chemical coagulation and chemical flocculation technologies, similar to the EC2, that are designed to speed up the process of removing suspended solids and emulsified oils. The Indexing Polishing Filter (IPF), used as a pre-treatment or post treatment to another water treatment technology, employs various micron-size media paper to filter out particulates in water. The final component in the Innovator Series is the Clean Water Recycle Module, which simply manages the flow of water in and out of the system. For example, if treated water will be used with a pressure washer, the Clean Water Recycle Module serves as the holding tank to deliver water to the washer.

Water Maze
Camas, WA

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