8:02 pm
May 24, 2011
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Green Gadget: Energy-Monitoring Sensor Helps Track & Reduce Energy Consumption

Energy-Monitoring Sensor Helps Track & Reduce Energy Consumption

Opto 22 has introduced the OptoEMU Sensor™, part of the company’s packaged, networkable OptoEMU™ system that lets small- to medium-sized commercial and industrial users gather and analyze energy consumption data. The sensor provides communications interfaces and data-integration capabilities to help with the development of effective energy-management strategies. It can measure electrical loads of individual power panels, subpanels and plant equipment; connect to existing monitoring devices, instrumentation and building automation systems; and accept pulses from utility meters and other sub-metering devices.  Data can then be sent to online energy-monitoring software portals like Google PowerMeter™ and Pulse Energy’s Pulse™ for presentation and analysis, or to local databases for integration with business systems.

Opto 22
Temecula, CA

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