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7:55 pm
June 13, 2011
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Uptime: Emerging Standard Sets The Stage For A Work-Culture Revolution

bob_williamson_thumb_thumbBy Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor

Quality experts of 40, 50 and 60 years ago were told to go elsewhere. The big U.S. industries had quality under control with QA and QC labs, inspectors and defect-sorting processes. So, those experts went to Japan. We all know how that worked out…

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6:30 pm
June 13, 2011
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Reliable Gadgets: Online Vibration Data Collection

0611reliableWith increasing pressure to do more with less, unexpected pump failures are unaffordable. Condition monitoring is the key to maintaining healthy equipment and keeping costs under control. Systems like the VIBNODE® are ideal for identifying problems such as misalignment, cavitation, bearing faults, coupling issues, impeller problems, unbalance and mechanical looseness (loose bases or cracked foundations) before pumps fail, thus saving thousands in lost production and repairs. VIBNODE’s functionality includes the capability to scan six or 12 channels, the suitability for replacement of switchboxes and the ability to link to existing vibration sensors or new installations. The system is configured with the powerful OMNITREND® software for easy setup, storage-analysis of spectrums, monitoring and access of customized spectrums from remote locations and alarm notifications by email or text message. Power requirements are based on 24 VDC, thereby minimizing installation power requirements.

Doral, FL

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