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March 23, 2012
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Solution Spotlight: The CMMS/EAM That Went To College


Learn how a world-class maintenance management solution got into Harvard.

1211solution2Harvard University is the place to go if you want to create positive social change, run the U.S. Treasury or, as has been the case several times, become President of the United States. Over the last 70 years, Harvard has become the global leader in educating and empowering individuals committed to advancing the public interest. Harvard professors are renowned scholars and accomplished practitioners who are actively engaged in the affairs of the world. Its students are legislators, executives, social entrepreneurs, advocates and aspiring leaders—from every age group and every corner of the globe.

A world-class university needs a world-class maintenance management solution and that’s why Harvard chose FaciliWorks from CyberMetrics. Making the technological leap to the FaciliWorks 8i web-based computerized maintenance management software allows Harvard to replace its old, unreliable paper files and provides secure, efficient and accessible asset management for the entire college.

Harvard Kennedy School is constantly in flux with the enrollment of new students, the graduation of others and changes to faculty and staff information. The institution uses Windows Active Directory to track these critical information changes. Other than features and functions, one important reason FaciliWorks 8i Web-based CMMS was chosen here is that it seamlessly integrates with Windows Active Directory. This allows Harvard to leverage its existing IT security infrastructure with FaciliWorks. Because FaciliWorks 8i communicates directly with Active Directory in real time, Harvard does not have to manage a separate CMMS user database. This saves the school huge amounts of time and effort.

FaciliWorks, in conjunction with Windows Active Directory, allows the entire student body, staff and faculty to easily and securely submit service requests to a centralized maintenance department. Submitting service requests through FaciliWorks ensures data accuracy and completeness and eliminates time-consuming phone calls, illegible handwritten requests and incomplete emails. From a burned-out bulb in a lecture hall to an emergency water-main repair, anyone at Harvard who has valid Active Directory credentials can report maintenance issues and request service simply through FaciliWorks. MT

Whether deployed at a single location or across multiple facilities worldwide, whether used by management, engineers, technicians or students, FaciliWorks 8i can be scaled to fit various needs and budgets and is designed to grow with any organization. Over 12,000 facilities worldwide use CyberMetrics’ products to reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity and ensure greater asset uptime. The company offers free trials of all of their software solutions.

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