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7:37 pm
June 11, 2012
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Technology Showcase: PdM Solutions

050612marketkittiwakeMonitoring Wear Debris In Hazardous Environments
Kittiwake’s ATEX Metallic Wear Debris Sensor facilitates real-time wear-debris monitoring for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in hazardous areas. Capable of being mounted within any lubrication system on any type of asset, it uses a combination of inductive-coil technology and algorithms to provide a particle- size distribution count. ATEX and IECEx certifications allow the product to be used in environments where explosive gases are likely to be present.

Kittiwake Americas
Houston, TX

Bearing-Fault-Frequency Update  
LUDECA is offering a complimentary White Paper full of normalized bearing information that lets users approximate fault frequencies without having to know the bearing manufacturer and other difficult-to-obtain details. This type of fault-frequency info is crucial to effective vibration-analysis and reliability efforts in that it allows analysts to correlate vibration data to specific components in equipment that may be in some stage of failure. Correctly addressing these conditions will increase equipment reliability resulting in greater uptime, increased capacity, improved product quality, better safety, lower costs and reduced risks. 
Doral, FL
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June 11, 2012
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Motor Doc's Hot Topics: Mechanical Seal Failure In Pumps

All pump seals leak. Mechanical seal leakage involves fluid becoming trapped between the rotary and stationary surfaces and vaporizing. The resulting vapor barrier—also referred to as fluid film—is what lubricates the seal surfaces. In a healthy seal, this leakage isn’t noticeable (occurring at a rate of only about 0.030 drops per minute). Typical leakage paths are: between the faces; sleeve and shaft; rotary-face seal surfaces; stationary-face seal seat; and gland-to-pump face gasket or O-ring.  Continue Reading →


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June 11, 2012
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Kübler-Ross And Root-Cause Evaluations


While the nature of bad news may differ, people react in strikingly similar ways when they receive it.

In her 1969 book entitled On Death and Dying, Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a Swiss psychiatrist who had studied behavior-coping patterns related to death and other life-changing events, introduced the “Five Stages of Grief” concept. Continue Reading →


6:46 pm
June 11, 2012
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Capacity Assurance Marketplace

0612mplace1Multi-Voltage Interlock Solution For Use With UPS Systems
Castell’s KSUPS+ product is a multi-voltage interlock pri-marily for use with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. This solenoid-controlled trapped-key device permits access to a UPS system only after it’s been put into a safe condition. It features a number of design improvements over previous models, including multi-voltage input. Voltages for the KSUPS+ range from 24 V AC or DC to 220 V AC or DC.

Castell Interlocks, Inc.
Chicago, IL

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0612mplace2Compact Electronic Overload Relays For Higher Amperages
According to Eaton, its C440 and XT electronic overload relays can improve system reliability and motor protection at higher amperages. Designed for global applications, these products feature an integrated starter solution and eliminate the need for an external current transformer, thus reducing overall space and equipment requirements. Available up to 175 ampere, they combine integral ground fault protection and communications capabilities in a single device. 

Eaton Corp.
Pittsburgh, PA

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Flame-Resistant Work Jeans
Cintas Corporation has added the Carhartt Flame Resistant (FR) Jean to its exclusive line of Carhartt Rental Workwear.  The jeans are a Hazard Risk Category 2 garment made with 14.75-ounce, flame-resistant cotton denim. They feature a relaxed fit and leg openings that fit over work boots for added comfort. Cintas’ rental program offers a specialized laundering process that helps maintain the garments’ level of protection for the wearer. 

Cintas Corp.
Cincinnati, OH

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Seamless Gen-Set Paralleling Control 
Cummins Power Generation’s DMC 1500 Paralleling System features the company’s PowerCommand® system-level micro-processor-based master-control technology, custom-engineered switchgear and a user-friendlier icon-based, touch-screen interface. It communicates directly with gen-set and transfer-switch controls for seamless integration. Power transitions can be open or closed, in fast (100 ms) or gradual ramping mode. Functions include utility paralleling for peak shaving, base loading and load add/load shed sequence control. Available for low- or medium-voltage applications, the standard DMC 1500 system can accommodate four generators and be expanded for up to eight. 
Cummins Power Generation
Minneapolis, MN
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Wireless System Collects Handheld Gage Measurements
MobileCollect from MicroRidge Systems wirelessly collects measurements from handheld gages using mobile modules that attach securely to the gage or fixture, then sends those measurements wirelessly to a PC for quality control. The system is suited for situations where there is heavy RF, significant machinery, robots or electrical noise. According to the company, the system can significantly reduce ongoing costs and downtime due to less-frequent cable failure and replacement.  
MicroRidge Systems, Inc.
Sunriver, OR

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6:19 pm
June 11, 2012
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Viewpoint: Today's Holistic Landscape — Embracing Lifecycle Service

0612viewpointIn the last 25 years, the service market has transformed substantially. Service strategies once centered on the most basic elements: time and material, product replacement and service agreements. While many customers understood the value in having a strong business partner to serve their needs, the purchasing trend often took a commoditized view of the marketplace. The technology was similar, skills to provide services were somewhat homogenous from one company to the next and there weren’t many service providers or customers that really understood the value of service to both sides of the relationship.  Continue Reading →