4:18 pm
September 18, 2013
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Reliable Gadget

0913gadgetTest Fluorescent Lamps, Pins And Voltage With One Pocket-Sized Tool

Amprobe® has introduced the LT-10 Lamp Tester, a lightweight, pocket-sized tool that takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting fluorescent fixtures. According to the company, the one-button device can verify in seconds whether fluorescent bulbs are operational prior to installation or removal, making it well-suited for facilities with large numbers of fixtures to maintain. Featuring a highly responsive 48” retractable and removable antenna, it extends the reach of technicians and reduces the amount of time they spend climbing up and down ladders. While the unit’s non-conductive antenna sleeve allows for safe testing, its 2” plate delivers better readings and is removable so personnel can troubleshoot bulbs through architectural grids. The LT-10 also features VolTect™ non-contact voltage detection to provide both visual and audible alerts to identify the source of voltage without the need for an extra tool. 

Everett, WA