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3:31 pm
November 7, 2013
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Extech Announces New TKG Series Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Extech TKGExtech Instruments has announced the availability of its TKG Series of ultrasonic thickness gauges. The TKG Series –TKG250, TKG150 and TKG100 models – uses ultrasonic technology to perform non-destructive thickness measurements on a variety of engineered materials. This technology typically measures wall thicknesses in steel structures where only one side is accessible to take inspection measurements. The TKG series measures from 0.040 to 20 in. (0.1 to 50.8 cm).

The TKG100 is the basic model without waveform thickness display; the mid-range TKG150 has waveform display, Echo-to-Echo feature to ignore paint and coatings, and vibration alarm; and the TKG250 incorporates full-color waveforms, non-encoded B-Scans with color-coded alerts and automatic datalogging. Each offers compact design, one-handed controls, easy-to-read LCD display and versatile alarm settings. More information:

Extech Instruments
Nashua, NH

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3:22 pm
November 6, 2013
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Emerson's Buzbee Honored

TDB-Exec-PictureTerry Buzbee, Emerson Process Management Group Vice President for Final Control and long-time President of Fisher Controls in Marshalltown, IA, was recently inducted into the Iowa Business Hall of Fame. This is a high honor for a business leader and reveals the ethics and type of leadership expected at Emerson.

I saw this article in the Times-Republican by Andrew Potter recently that adds details about the award and Buzbee’s career. Interestingly, he noted, “I see it as more of a recognition of Fisher, and quite honestly, Marshalltown, more than of myself.”

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