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3:15 pm
September 18, 2013
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Fouled Heat Exchangers? Try Electronic Water Treatment

ProblemWhen material deposits form on heat-transfer surfaces, fouling occurs. Common fouling mechanisms include particulates, crystals (usually calcium carbonate), biological organisms, chemical reactions and corrosion. Fouling significantly impacts the thermal and mechanical performance of heat exchangers by increasing overall thermal resistance and lowering the overall heat-transfer coefficient. It also impedes fluid flow, accelerates corrosion and reduces […]


2:46 pm
September 18, 2013
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Technology Showcase: Information Technology

Tips For Reducing Your Inventory Headache Jennifer Ohl, MBA, Midwest Software Specialists, Inc. Intelligent inventory management plays a key role in a successful maintenance program. A smart inventory solution can significantly reduce costs and equipment downtime, prevent overstocking, cut the time spent searching for parts and improve inventory data.  Though each industry and company’s needs […]


2:41 pm
September 18, 2013
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Advanced Technology Solutions Improve Your Tool Control

Tools are lost, misplaced or just go missing. Many of the challenges facing today’s production facilities and remote job sites involve processes associated with monitoring, managing and maintaining tools and other necessary supplies. Whether work orders are scheduled or an emergency repair is required, maintenance professionals need the right product at the right time—regardless of […]