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12:52 am
March 13, 2014
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Save Time/Eliminate Errors with Paperless Calibration Systems

23197According to Beamex, a paperless calibration system comprised of documenting calibrators and calibration software improves quality and cuts costs for users. The entire calibration process, from initial recording of calibration data on through historical trend analysis, takes less time and virtually eliminates manual errors. While paper-based systems may require little or no investment in new technology or IT infrastructure, there’s a downside. They’re not only labor intensive, they can make historical trend analysis of calibration results and quick access to data difficult.

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8:50 pm
March 12, 2014
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Emerson’s latest digital valve controllers have logged more than 1 billion hours

0312fisherEmerson’s FIELDVUE DVC6200 Series digital valve controller has racked up more than 1 billion hours of on-line use within the process and energy industries since its introduction in 2010, according to the company.

Steve Hagen, FIELDVUE Product Manager, credited the instrument’s linkage-less, non-contact feedback system as one reason behind the quick adoption by industry and the1-billion operating hours. “We’ve eliminated physical contact between valve stem and the instrument, which means it can withstand the high levels of vibration and corrosion often found in process environments.”

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7:13 pm
March 11, 2014
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Apprion Announces ION Intelligent Reliability Application For Real-Time Equipment Monitoring And Predictive Analysis

ION Intelligent Reliability from Apprion provides predictive analytics and intelligence by continuously monitoring machine sensors to identify normal versus abnormal activity. Part of the ION Monitoring Application family, the application uses real-time sensor data plus archived work orders and maintenance data to show if equipment is operating reliably and under normal operating limits. ION Intelligent Reliability collects and analyzes patterns at a granular level to fully understand normal behavior for all operating stages and the precise patterns that precede failure. By understanding historical failures, the application can help predict a failure before it occurs, including new modes of failure that were previously undetected.

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9:50 pm
March 10, 2014
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Atlas Copco Compressors Debuts New 50-125 HP Variable Speed Drive Technology

Atlas Copco Compressors has introduced its Neos proprietary drive technology for oil-injected screw compressors with variable speed drive in the 50-125 hp (37.3-93.2 kW) range. The new drive technology was designed specifically for applications that have a constant torque curve, typical for heavy duty applications. The Neos drive features an IP5x rated enclosure (dust protected) and features simplified controls and options tuned for air compressor applications. The Neos drive is currently available in all new Atlas Copco compressors in the application range; older Atlas Copco compressors can also be retrofitted with the new drive. More information:

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7:39 pm
March 5, 2014
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Emerson Introduces Micro Motion® Fork Density Meter for Aggressive Applications

0305emersonEmerson Process Management has released its Micro Motion® Fork Density Meter, the next generation in its Micro Motion 7826 and 7828 direct insertion density meters. Incorporating the same tuning fork design as its predecessors, the Fork Density Meter is built for such highly demanding process applications as pipeline interface detection, mineral slurry solids monitoring, and corrosive acid concentration control. The meter is designed to prevent loss in general or cross-contamination on multi-product pipelines, as well as to help ensure operator safety when sampling hazardous liquids. It is designed for applications where fast-response density and concentration monitoring is required in areas with limited installation space. The new meter’s head-mounted transmitter communicates to distributed control systems (DCS). It also can output raw sensor data to signal converters and flow computers.  Communications protocols include 4-20mA, HART, WirelessHART, Sensor Time Period, Foundation fieldbus and RS485 Modbus. HART and RS485 Modbus digital I/O enables the Micro Motion Fork Density Meter accept signals from other field instrumentation including temperature, pressure and volumetric flow devices.  The meter can then calculate and output, among others, mass flow and net solids flow. The Fork Density Meter also incorporates Known Density Verification, a new diagnostic that checks the meter for measurement alarm conditions, sensor integrity and the presence of coating, erosion or corrosion.  More information can be found at

Emerson Process Management
McKinney, TX

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