5:43 pm
May 28, 2014
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Rejuvenation Process Gives New Life to Aging Industrial Power Cables


According to Novinium, its environmentally friendly Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR) technology can restore aging power cables to like-new performance for significantly less than it would cost to replace them. Cable rejuvenation involves the injection of a healing and upgrading fluid into the strands of medium-voltage power cable to repair and extend its life. In the SPR process, as the non-flammable rejuvenation fluid migrates into the conductor shield and insulation, it modifies the insulation’s chemistry.

For a 300 ft.-long, 3-phase cable segment, one crew using hand-carried equipment can typically complete the SPR procedure in approximately four hours, including sealing the six cable ends, injecting the fluid and installing new termination kits. Sites can expect the dielectric strength of their treated power cables to increase immediately and exceed 400 volts/mil within seven days.

Novinium notes that circuit owners have rejuvenated 140 million feet of medium-voltage cables over the past 25 years, and that less than 1% of the this equipment subsequently failed in service. The company offers a 40-year money-back warranty against failures on cables treated with its SPR process.