3:05 am
June 13, 2014
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Planetary Gearboxes for Synchronous and Asynchronous Servo Motors

G700_P120_440x200Lenze Americas has unveiled a new g700 series of purebred planetary gearboxes designed for servo applications with demanding requirements relative to overload capacity and dynamics. The g700 can be used in conjunction with the company’s synchronous and asynchronous servo motors, and as a single gearbox with a servo motor. Designed specifically for servo application, these one-, two- and three-stage units are available in five sizes and cover torques ranging from 177i n-lbs to 7080 in-lbs.

According to the manufacturer, the special handling of the toothing edge on these gearboxes (including grinding and honing) and precise, balanced clamping system for the motor, help minimize noise generation. As a result, a noise level of ≤58 dB(A) that corresponds to quiet conversation is achievable.

Robust and reliable, Lenze’s g700 needs no lubricant changes or top-ups and is completely maintenance-free.