1:52 pm
July 25, 2014
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ASCO’s Continuous, High-Speed Wave Form Recording Identifies Power Quality Anomalies


Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson, debuts new ASCO® Power Quality Analytics for Critical Power Management Systems (CPMS) that measurably increases on-site power reliability and efficiency, and facilitates regulatory compliance.

Power quality analysis enables a facility to compare current operating parameters a manufacturer’s baseline to identify any anomalies or degradations that could cause inefficient operation or even failure. This tool helps diagnose problems by reviewing stored, continuously recorded waveforms, without waiting for the event to recur.

Proactively solving the problem this way helps the system pay for itself by minimizing facility risk and equipment failures, and increasing operating efficiency. Continuous, high-speed wave form recording of power quality identifies eight anomalies, such as power outages, transient harmonics, sags and swells, cycle by cycle in milliseconds. Cycle-by-cycle monitoring provides the electrical sensitivity required for facility managers to know exactly what went wrong and where in the electrical system.