12:00 am
July 11, 2014
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Emco Wheaton Launches Overfill Protection System

4-Preventing-tanker-overfill-430pxEmco Wheaton has launched a system that can prevent product overflow on fuel tankers during loading. The electronic F2020 Overfill Sensor is designed to prevent product overflows of tanker compartments. Designed for tankers of up to eight compartments, the system is connected to the terminal’s controls through a plug and socket connection.  If overfill is detected, the system shuts down the terminal pump that is filling the tanker compartment. The overfill protection system has ISO 9000/2000 approval and is manufactured in compliance with EN13922 and the European ATEX directive. For more information, visit www.emcowheaton.com

Emco Wheaton
Houston, TX