12:03 am
July 11, 2014
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Spirax Sarco Introduces Steam Process Controllers

gI_132942_sx80Spirax Sarco has introduced its SX80 and SX90 steam system controllers. The SX80 is a flexible temperature controller offering accurate process control. It features universal process input and output for ease of installation. The multi-functional SX90 is designed for processes that require inputs and outputs.     The SX90 provides universal input, three logic inputs, remote set point, potentiometer input, two analogue outputs, valve motor drive output and three relay outputs.  The SX90 supports up to five recipe programs, ramping and Modbus RS485 communications. Both the SX80 and SX90 feature power transmitters for auxiliary instruments, reducing wiring needs. A configurable scrolling-text user interface allows operators to see current plant conditions and simplifies menu navigation and commissioning. Both controllers include 5-digital quick start codes to enable easy set-up and commissioning. More information: www.spiraxsarco.com/us

Spirax Sarco, Inc.
Blythewood, SC