3:16 pm
August 5, 2014
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Violet Light LED Leak Detection Flashlight Quickly Spots Leaks

OLX-400 OPTI-LUX 400 Industrial application CROPPEDSpectronics Corp. has introduced the Spectroline OPTI-LUX 400, a powerful, rechargeable, violet light LED leak detection flashlight. It easily locates all industrial fluid leaks by their bright fluorescent glow, saving technicians valuable diagnostic time and money. The OPTI-LUX 400 features a high-output violet light LED that causes dyes to fluoresce more brilliantly and with greater contrast than with standard blue light inspection lamps. It has power comparable to high-intensity 150-watt lamps and works with Spectroline OIL-GLO 33 (green), OIL-GLO44 (yellow/green) and OIL-GLO 50 (red) oil-based dyes, as well as WATER-GLO 802 (green) water dye. Unit is extremely compact and lightweight, which allows it to get into cramped areas. Its inspection range is up to 25 feet (7.6 m) or more. A rugged, corrosion-resistant, anodized lamp body stands up to years of heavy use.