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4:05 pm
February 28, 2014
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Emerson Network Power Extends Line of Row-Based Cooling Systems

Emerson Network Power has launched its Liebert® CRV row-based cooling system in a 12-inch (300mm) footprint, smaller than previous models. The Liebert CRV model is an air-cooled, direct expansion (DX) unit with a nominal cooling capacity of 19.6 kW. It is designed to fit within a row of racks, delivering cooling close to heat sources. The […]


4:59 pm
February 26, 2014
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Oil-Skimmer Selection Guide

Abanaki recently launched its new, interactive oil skimmer selection guide. The newly designed guide provides a quick and easy way to match the appropriate skimmer for a wide variety of applications. The grid layout can quickly determine the appropriate size, belt material and oil removal capacity, with quick links that connect to more detailed performance […]


4:07 pm
February 26, 2014
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Ofil Ltd. Rolls Out UVollé-C Corona Camera Line

Ofil has launched its DayCor® UVollé-C line of compact daytime corona cameras that enable detection of UV energy in full daylight. The product series is light and small, with a wide, high resolution LCD. The series batteries last more than 4 continuous working hours. The display shows corona signals and their emitting sources along with […]


9:54 pm
February 25, 2014
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ATS International Strengthens Partnership with Siemens by Offering Industrial Software for Product Development and R&D

ATS International B.V. is long-time partner of Siemens AG in the area of Integrated Automation Solutions, which includes devices, software, industrial networks and Manufacturing Execution Systems. ATS recently expanded the structured offer for Manufacturing Operations by adding SIMATIC IT R&D Suite into their portfolio. This will allow ATS International B.V. to resell, deploy and support the […]


11:07 pm
February 21, 2014
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Forward Observations: There Is a Third Dimension

By Rick Carter, Executive Editor TV viewers prepared for the unexpected when Rod Serling announced “there is a fifth dimension” in the old Twilight Zone series. Now, thanks to the rapidly growing world of 3D printing, this same sense of wonder applies to our good old third dimension. Yes, 3D printing—a process whereby a machine […]


11:03 pm
February 21, 2014
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Replacing the Maintenance Apprenticeship Training Model

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor We’ve recently realized that our current apprenticeship model for training and developing maintenance technicians is obsolete. Very few, if any, people are interested. Those who sign up rarely stick with it for very long. Those who have completed the training often lack the equipment specific maintenance knowledge for our equipment. […]


10:58 pm
February 21, 2014
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For on the Floor: Wishes for 2014

By Rick Carter, Executive Editor In deference to the recent holiday season, I prepared only one end-of-year question for our Maintenance Technology Reader Panelists: What’s on your wish list for 2014? I was looking for input on what they hope to achieve or obtain that will help them do a better job and their company […]