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2:36 pm
June 26, 2017
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Mainstream 2017 Video Interviews

Maintenance Technology’s Mainstream 2017 Video Interviews in collaboration with Eventful Conferences, developers of the Mainstream Conference series

The 2017 Mainstream Conference, held in May in Nashville, TN, featured a strong lineup of speakers who are leaders and trendsetters in the reliability and maintenance arena. Editorial Director Gary L. Parr had the privilege of interviewing eight of those speakers so they could each share some of their story with those who were not able to attend the conference. Below are links to those video interviews. Thanks to the Eventful Conferences people for making this possible.

Rodney Pervier, Asset Planning Leader
Boeing Corp
Asset Planning: Linking Utilization & Condition for Investment Planning

Boeing’s Site Services has been on an asset-planning journey for the past four years. Rod Pervier shares their successes and recent deployment in the Northwest Region, how they use T.R.A.P. (Tool for Reporting and Analyzing Project), and what it brings to the process. He also discusses their Asset Condition Room, which has provided a wealth of new insight and aided in decision making.

Cliff Williams, Global Corporate Maintenance Mgr.
ERCO Worldwide
Journey to Excellence: Off the Beaten Path

Williams takes us through the six steps in his CREATE process, which is designed to lead professionals on a journey to maintenance excellence. The principles of CREATE apply in any scenario:

  • Communicate: openly, often, ‘onestly
  • Respect: earned, equal, exercised
  • Educate: pertinent, people, practical
  • Authority: important, influence, inherent
  • Trust: developed, deserved, demonstrated
  • Exercise: completely, consistently, carefully.

Larry Bryant, Director of Reliability
Domtar Paper Co.
Journey to Reliability: Alignment, Training, Results, Empowerment, Ownership

Domtar is one of the largest pulp and paper manufacturing companies in North America. Although reliability was not new to the company, building a sustainable reliability culture was. Bryant talks about how his team developed a universal understanding of reliability and used that to evaluate and change their processes, systems, and workforce skills. One lesson they learned was the benefits they would realize from employee empowerment, pride, and confidence.

Mary Jane Van Hoesen, EAM and CMMS Specialist
Alcoa Corp.
Taking the Mobile Journey with Alcoa

Van Hoesen shares how Alcoa has transformed their entire maintenance operation, bringing users together across the maintenance functions and mapped out process enhancements enabled by mobility. She describes how the implementation and roll out of their mobile software has enabled them to complete more timely emergency work-order requests, resulting in time and cost savings as well as more accurate repair data.

Harvey Henkel, Supervisor, Condition Monitoring
Transalta Generation Partnership
How to Build & Maintain a World Class Condition Monitoring Team

Harvey Henkel describes how, starting in 2000, he and his team began a journey toward becoming a world-class  condition-monitoring team and how they have sustained the program through several years and a management change.

Brian Ricker, Director of Operations
Martin Operating Partnership
From Radio Work Orders to Mobile PMs: A Plant’s Journey & Road Forward

In the mid-summer of 2014, Ricker’s refinery maintenance culture was completely reactive, using a terribly outdated CMMS. He describes how they took a top-shelf CMMS, purchased at the  corporate level, and developed a predictive-maintenance program that changed their culture.

Steven Lallensack, Director of Operations
Empire Level
Revitalization of an Operation: Empire’s Obsession with Continuous Improvement

Empire Level has been in business since 1919, but there had been essentially no investment in the company for more than a decade. When Milwaukee Tool acquired Empire Level in the summer of 2014, they began a process of upgrading and automating all aspects of the operation, while developing a culture of reliability and finding positions for all of the existing employees. Lallensack tells how they did it. The Empire story was the subject of our Nov. 2016 Plant Profile article

George Parada, CMRP & Maintenance & Reliability Leader
Cargill Salt
Addressing the Skills Gap Issue with our Manufacturing Leaders

To address a significant skills gap, Cargill Salt developed a technical boot camp at one of their facilities to teach new engineers and supervisors specific aspects around reliability, operations, maintenance, and engineering. Parada describes the 4.5-day, hands-on and in-class workshop that is helping the company establish reliability and productivity improvements that are realizing 3% to 5% cost improvements.


7:40 pm
June 25, 2017
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Improved Gas Detector

Tango TX1 single gas monitors include extended H2S sensor range and acknowledgeable gas alerts. Sensors measure from 0 to 500 ppm while reportedly maintaining accuracy, response times, and cross-sensitivity performance. Acknowledgeable gas alerts are optional alerts below the low alarm setpoint. When a gas concentration exceeds the acknowledgeable gas alert setpoint, the instrument activates indicators to alert operators that they may be approaching a dangerous condition.
Industrial Scientific


7:39 pm
June 25, 2017
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Pre-Assembled LED Stack Light

1706mtprod12pPatlite pre-assembled stack lights in 25-, 30-, 40-, and 70-mm sizes provide high-intensity LED illumination and have prism-cut lenses for enhanced visibility from any direction. One- to five-tier assemblies are available. Applications include packaging machines, conveyor systems, loading docks, and retail-center checkouts.
Cumming, GA


7:37 pm
June 25, 2017
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Portable Chiller

The ASL and WSL portable chillers are additions to the Iceman SC series. With a fluid temperature range of 5 F to 30 F, they have a capacity of 1 1/2 to 7 1/2 tons. Features include air-cooled or water-cooled condensing, scroll compressor, microprocessor-based controller, and stainless-steel centrifugal supply pump.
Buffalo, NY


7:34 pm
June 25, 2017
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Valve IO-Link Connectivity

1706mtprod10pIO-Link modules add smart connectivity for pneumatic valve islands to machine controllers. Modules can be integrated with the company’s existing valves ranges. Ethernet-based protocol independent and vendor neutral, the module offers plug-and-play valve compatibility for users with Industrial Ethernet. Connected valve technology provides the option to add intelligence and decentralize control which enables advanced machine-to-machine control in a cost-efficient and simplified way, especially when used on small- to medium-size machines.
Parker Hannifin Corp.


7:32 pm
June 25, 2017
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Stepper Motion-Control Products

1706mtprod09pA line of motion-control stepper products includes controllers, stepper motors, and integrated controller/drive, and integrated drive/stepper motor, and an integrated controller/drive/stepper motor. Produced in conjunction with Advanced Micro Controls Inc., the products, when combined with an IDEC FC6A PLC and its embedded motion-control macro instructions, allow users to implement single- and multi-axis motion control in a wide range of applications. Macro instructions embedded in the PLC WindLDR programming software can be configured with drag-and-drop commands to perform control of as many as12 axes.
IDEC Corp.
Sunnyvale, CA


7:30 pm
June 25, 2017
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Gear Motors

1706mtprod08pA line of gear motors based on the company’s Sigma-7 servo motors provide precise servo motion to a wider variety of automation applications, especially to uses that require high torque at low output speeds. A new set of gearheads is designed to pair precisely with every servo motor in the line, creating solutions from 50 W to 15 kW. Five gear ratios are available, from 3/1 to 50/1.
Yaskawa America Inc.
Waukegan, IL


7:28 pm
June 25, 2017
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Cable-Pull Switch

1706mtprod07pThe Allen-Bradley Guardmaster Lifeline 5 cable-pull switch is a solid-state, E-stop that uses a microprocessor-based technology. The switch’s solid-state operation provides an electronic, rope-monitoring system to compensate for thermal expansion and cable sag. The switch provides constant access to the E-stop function, stopping a machine hazard with a pull of the attached cable. LED indicators assist in cable tensioning for precise setup while providing switch status and diagnostics during operation.
Rockwell Automation