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7:12 pm
January 25, 2017
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White Paper | Digital Prescriptive Maintenance

170125prescriptiveThe first wave of IIoT industry reports, about two years ago, included big claims and produced a lot of head scratching by manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) due to the lack of actual applications. Two years later, pilot projects are producing results and next discipline to catch on is prescriptive maintenance.

The best way to describe prescriptive maintenance is “preventive maintenance technology with built-in intelligence, with the ultimate goal to minimize machine downtime. Below is a white paper, titled, “Digital Prescriptive Maintenance,” and it shows how sensors and diagnostics play their part with a prescriptive maintenance approach.

From the White Paper:

Prescriptive maintenance goes beyond the realm of productive, preventive, and predictive maintenance. Descriptive focuses on what happened in the past. Predictive analytics discovers potential options for the future. Prescriptive maintenance leverages all these approaches and capabilities. The realm of what should happen and the execution of optimized maintenance strategies is precisely the realm of prescriptive maintenance. With prescriptive maintenance, devices, in collaboration with operators, are proactive participants in their own maintenance.

>> Download the White Paper

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12:00 pm
January 20, 2017
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Mobile Computers

1701mtprod16pThe TC5 series touch mobile computers include the TC51 and TC56. Running the Android 6.0 operating system, the series is supported by the company’s Mobility DNA suite of application security, development tools, and mobile end-user apps. The series includes a removable and replaceable battery pack, 5-in. display, and customizable Active Edge touch zones for one-touch access to frequently used device features and apps.

Zebra Technologies Corp.
Lincolnshire, IL


9:00 am
January 20, 2017
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Magnetic Kit Encoders

1701mtprod15pA line of kit encoders provides manufacturers of servomotors and other machinery with rugged, accurate tools for building rotary position measurements into their products. The kit encoders are based on the company’s self=contained magnetic rotary encoders. Core components are available as separate assemblies that can be integrated into other products. Encoders provide an all-electronic, multi-turn absolute position-measuring capability that evaluates the full absolute angular position including the total number of shaft rotations.

Hamilton, NJ


12:00 pm
January 19, 2017
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Additions to Valve Line


1701mtprod14pThe Nitra pneumatics solenoid valve line includes two additional series of valves and manifolds. The BVS-3 series modular solenoid valves are body ported 3-port (3-way) poppet valves available in two-position, normally open or normally closed configurations, with 12- or 24-VDC or 120-VAC coils. The BVS-4 series is two-position, single-spring return, body-ported 4-port spool valves. With 1/4-in. push-to-connect ports and 12- or 24-VDC and 24- or 120-VAC solenoid coils, the valves have removable flying leads or an 8-mm micro-DIN connector.
Cumming, GA


9:00 am
January 19, 2017
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Absence of Voltage Tester


1701mtprod13pVeriSafe absence of voltage tester is said to simplify the voltage verification process through automation. Once installed, a push button allows users to see an active visual indication when the absence of voltage is confirmed. The product reportedly lowers exposure risk to electrical hazards for improved worker safety, simplifies the process for easier NFPA 70E compliance, and reduces testing procedure time and complexity.
Panduit Corp.
Tinley Park, IL


12:00 pm
January 18, 2017
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Automated Ball Valves


1701mtprod12pThe company’s line of automated ball valves includes models VZBE, DFPD quarter-turn actuators, VSNC NAMUR pilot valves, and the SRBC series of open/close sensor boxes. The company sizes the components and, at the customer’s request, provides all pieces in a single box or ships a fully automated valve assembly ready for installation and wiring.
Festo Corp.
Hauppauge, NY


10:00 am
January 18, 2017
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IR Camera Focus System


1701mtprod11pThe Ti480 and TiX580 infrared cameras with 640 x 480 resolution and MultiSharp focus take multiple images with the press of a button. The cameras combine images to produce one focused image of near and far objects, reportedly delivering precision image clarity and an in-focus image. The 480 model is a rugged, pistol-grip unit for one-handed operation. The 580 has a 240-deg., 5.7-in. rotating screen allowing navigation over, under, and around objects. Both cameras have Fluke Connect SmartView desktop software.
Fluke Corp.
Everett, WA


8:00 am
January 18, 2017
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Extreme-Temperature Metal Seal


1701mtprod10pA stainless-steel flat-face sealing ring for use with tube fittings in extreme temperature applications is used in the Seal-Lok Xtreme line. The trap-style seal has three retainers that extend into the existing fitting’s O-ring groove, reportedly preventing the seal from falling out during assembly or reassembly. Applications include those with temperatures from ­­–328 to 1200 F.
Parker Hannifin Corp.
Columbus, OH