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4:57 pm
February 9, 2016
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Uptime: A Top Management Standard — The Missing Link

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor The term “top management” in the ISO55000:2014 Asset Management Standard is referenced throughout the documents. In fact, top management has the overall leadership responsibility to establish the Asset Management System, as specified in the ISO55001 requirements. But, the leadership responsibility of the very top of the organization, in pursuit of best-in-class operations […]


8:57 pm
February 8, 2016
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Asset Management And ISO 55000

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor This new column, and a dynamic body of content at, will explore the intent, issues, concerns, and questions relating to the ISO 55000:2014 Asset Management Standard. Over time, it will reflect insight from a number of sources, including emerging asset-management practitioners and other experts in the field of asset management. This […]


8:55 pm
January 12, 2016
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Uptime: Time To Sort Out Some Terminology

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor Can you get your maintenance department ISO55001 certified? After all, you are part of the operations-excellence program in your company. You have maintenance excellence in place, have a great asset-management system, and are responsible for the maintenance and reliability program. In answering the above question, we first need to sort through […]


8:44 pm
December 17, 2015
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Uptime: Create and Grow Reliability Cultures

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor Improving reliability almost always means improving (or changing) the way people think and work toward common goals. Improving performance and reliability of an existing facility and equipment should be seriously considered when budgets are limited. In many cases this may be the fastest, lowest cost, most sustainable option. Whether leveraging new equipment […]


2:43 pm
November 16, 2015
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Uptime: Seven Steps To Culture Change

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor Let’s speculate: You have an older facility, older equipment, some new technologies, a stable but aging workforce, and a compelling business case for improving machinery performance and reliability. Lower cost per unit produced, more throughput, or better on-time delivery are looming as the next business frontier. So, what’s next: more maintenance, newer […]


9:18 pm
October 12, 2015
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Uptime: What’s the Big Deal About Work Culture?

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor When businesses make capital investments in new facilities, equipment, or technologies, they plan to achieve a return on their investment (ROI) in terms of reduced costs, improved margins, new products, or greater market response. They also plan for new business and work processes to bolster and sustain their ROI. But what about […]


4:49 pm
September 15, 2015
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Uptime: Applied-STEM Program Meets 3M Needs

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education prepares students for college and careers. Last month’s “Uptime” column (Aug. 2015) made the case for aligning STEM education content with business and industry careers and emphasizing hands-on applied STEM learning. The aging Baby-Boomer workforce, coupled with advances in technology in almost every plant, facility, […]


8:57 pm
August 6, 2015
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Uptime: Boost STEM, Develop Skilled Workers

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor The resurgence of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) courses of study in the national education community is not new. STEM education dates to the 1950s, but gained national attention with the 1983 report from President Reagan’s National Commission on Excellence in Education, “A Nation at Risk.” But I’m convinced […]