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6:08 pm
November 25, 2015
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New Look, Cleaner Interface for Schneider Electric Wonderware SmartGlance iPhone Version

According to Schneider Electric Software (Lake Forest, CA), its recent release of a new iPhone version of the company’s Wonderware SmartGlance mobile reporting solution doesn’t just sport a brand new look. A cleaner interface now makes it easier and faster for iPhone users to retrieve and manipulate real-time and historical data, anywhere, anytime. Version 5.0.218 for […]

6:45 am
November 23, 2015
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Rockwell Automation Raises Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence with FactoryTalk VantagePoint 7.0 Software Upgrade

With an emphasis on all aspects of The Connected Enterprise, Milwaukee-based Rockwell Automation  introduced 50+ products to massive crowds of attendees (over 18,000 registered) at Automation Fair 2015 in Chicago, Nov. 18 – 19. Among the new offerings, FactoryTalk VantagePoint 7.0 enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) software update promises to help put the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to work for […]

3:49 am
November 23, 2015
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MTE Launches Matrix ONE Harmonic Filters for Single-Phase Power Applications

Power-quality solution provider MTE Corp. (Menomonee Falls, WI) has announced the launch of Matrix ONE harmonic filters for single-phase applications. Electrical equipment like Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR) loads can introduce harmful harmonics into neighboring equipment and onto the electrical grid system, resulting in poor power quality, and reduced energy efficiencies. If not managed, the […]

5:16 pm
November 20, 2015
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NetMotion Diagnostics 3.2 Expands Mobile Workforce Solution Beyond North America

Mobility management solution provider NetMotion Wireless (Seattle, WA) has announced a major expansion of coverage of NetMotion Diagnostics from North America to the UK, Europe, Japan, and Asia. Diagnostics 3.2 lets IT teams manage and diagnose mobile workforce connectivity issues related to devices and networks for personnel around the world. How It Works NetMotion Diagnostics provides IT teams the tools they need […]

11:26 am
November 20, 2015
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Fluke TiS75 IR Camera Enhances Frontline Troubleshooting with 320X240 Resolution and Precise Manual Focusing

The rugged new TiS75 Infrared Camera from Fluke (Everett, WA) offers professional-grade 320 x 240 pixel resolution and precise manual focusing that let users easily pinpoint issues with equipment and electrical systems. According to Fluke, focus is one of the most important factors in conducting infrared inspections as an out-of-focus image can produce temperature measurements that are incorrect by 20 degrees […]

10:15 pm
November 16, 2015
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PCE Instruments Launches Flexible Borescopes for Industrial Mainenance

PCE Instruments (PCE Americas Inc., Jupiter, FL)  has launched a line of newly configured flexible borescopes for industrial use. Among them, the PCE-VE 350N can record images, as well as videos, even of moving parts. Capable of capturing 30 images per second, the device incorporates a head with a 90 mm curved radius that can […]

3:16 pm
November 16, 2015
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For On The Floor: How Real Are Reliability Program Challenges?

By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor With the growing emphasis on reliability across the industrial landscape, some recent “word on the street” talk came as a big—and disturbing— surprise. If true, the reported difficulties some sites are having hiring reliability engineers to staff and grow their programs may just be more fallout from the technical-skills crisis. We asked […]

2:12 am
November 16, 2015
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If You Build It, Secure It: Think Like a Hacker

Strategies from other industries can be relevant and helpful for manufacturing operations, as can learning from the missteps of others. By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor In information security (InfoSec), there are two schools of thought: Take a defensive posture. This includes configuring firewalls, coding to standards, and implementing software that you “set and forget” such […]