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2:29 pm
September 21, 2012
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Technology Showcase: Mechanical & Hydraulic Equipment

0912techshowspectronicsAccurately Pinpoint Sources Of 
Fluid Leaks  

Spectronics has introduced the OPK-341 Industrial Leak Detection Kit that the company says can pinpoint the exact source of fluid leaks in hydraulic equipment, compressors, engines, gearboxes, fuel and other synthetic and petroleum-using industrial systems. The kit’s core is the OPTIMAX™ 3000, a cordless, super-powerful, rechargeable blue-light LED inspection flashlight. Fifteen times brighter than regular LED flashlights, it has an inspection range of up to 20’ (6.1 m). The kit also includes a 16 oz. bottle of patented OIL-GLO™ 44 concentrated fluorescent oil dye that’s compatible with all synthetic and petroleum-based fluids. When a leaking industrial system is scanned with the OPTIMAX™ 3000 flashlight, the dye glows brightly to reveal the precise location of the problem. An 8 oz. spray bottle of GLO-AWAY™ dye cleaner, smart AC and DC chargers, dye treatment tags and fluorescence-enhancing glasses round out the kit that comes in its own rugged carrying case.

Spectronics Corp.
Westbury, NY

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0912techshowhaweSpace-Saving Directional Proportional Spool Valves 

HAWE offers proportional spool valves for both fixed (PSL) and variable (PSV) displacement systems. Made of steel, these tough, small-footprint units can ensure the type of high-cutting force and reliable operation that’s essen-tial for roadheaders, longwall shearers and microtunnel boring machines. According to the manufacturer, its PSL and PSV units operate efficiently in mid-pressure ranges, but easily manage high-pressure surges that occur when equipment encounters rocks and rough terrain. Their high degree of proportional control allows precise positioning and significant maneuverability. The size of these valves saves space in the overall design of the machine and their modularity simplifies servicing. HAWE’s compact PSL directional proportional spool valve is designated for use in areas with explosive gas, vapor, aerosol and air mixtures and dusts or mists. Certifications according to ATEX, IEC, MSHA and MA are available on request.

HAWE North America, Inc.
Charlotte, NC

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New Zinc-Free Hydraulic Fluid Delivers A Range Of Benefits

Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell Tellus S3 M, a new hydraulic fluid that uses unique, advanced, zinc-free anti-wear technology to deliver improved pump protection, enhanced system efficiency and up to twice the life of Shell’s previous zinc-free product. It’s suited for use in factory-based industrial hydraulic applications and severe-duty, extended-operation applications, as well as in mobile and outdoor applications in climates with limited temperature variations. According to the manufacturer, the low aquatic toxicity of this product reduces its environmental impact in the event of a spill and helps operators better manage the environmental impact of their processes. For example, using it in equipment suffering from leaks or frequent hose bursts and loss of fluid can help reduce the risk of zinc and other heavy metals entering a plant’s wastewater. Available in five ISO viscosity grades, Shell Tellus S3 M meets the requirements of a number of OEM specifications, including, among others, Husky (ISO VG 46), Parker Hannifin HF-0, HF-1, HF-2, and Eaton 694. It also meets standards ISO 11158 HM fluids, AFNOR NF-E 48-603, ASTM D6158 (HM mineral oils), DIN 51524-2 (HLP oils) and Swedish Standard SS 15 54 34 AM. 

Shell Lubricants
Houston, TX

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0912techshowherculesHeavy-Equipment Seals, Replacement Parts And Hydraulic Cylinders 


Hercules Sealing Products is a North American distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, seal kits and cylinders. It also offers premium replacement engine and transmission gasket kits for popular off-road and marine applications. According to the company, Hercules publishes the largest single-source catalog of seals, replacement parts and technical information in the industry (35,000 individual products). Replacement seals, seal kits and hydraulic cylinders are stocked for manufacturers like Caterpillar, J.I. Case, John Deere, Komatsu, Nissan and Toyota, to name just a few. Hercules is also an authorized distributor of hydraulic cylinders manufactured by Parker, Commercial, Custom Hoists and Hyco. To serve the Canadian market, it sells products in Montreal and Toronto through Hercules Sealing Products Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary.


Hercules Sealing Products
Clearwater, FL

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2:18 pm
September 21, 2012
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Capacity Assurance Marketplace

0912mplaceabbSafe Panelboard Installation And Maintenance 

The ProLine Panelboard family from ABB’s Low Voltage Products division has been certified as touch-safe per IP20 standards by Certifi-Group, a U.S.-based regulatory compliance and product-safety-testing organization. ProLine Panelboard products completely isolate personnel during installation and maintenance, eliminating the chance of human exposure to any energized components. Branch and main breakers are selectively coordinated and current-limited, allowing for quick clearing of faults. The amount of energy let-through (I2T) during a fault event is reduced, as is arc flash risk.

ABB Low Voltage Products
New Berlin, WI

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0912mplaceabresistWear Compound Repairs Most Surfaces 

Kalpoxy NS from Abresist Kalenborn is a non-sagging epoxy bonded wear compound suitable for repairing almost any surface, including piping and pumps. The two-component wear compound contains more than 70% fine grain silicon carbide (SiC) particles, which combine with DuPont Kevlar® fibers for excellent abrasion resistance, toughness and adhesive properties. Kalpoxy NS can be used in temperatures up to 230 F (110 C) and in corrosive situations with a pH range of 3.8 to 10.0.

Abresist Kalenborn Corp.
Urbana, IN

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0912mplaceenersysBattery For UPS And Generator Applications

The Genesis® NP9-12 battery from EnerSys® is suited for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and portable generator applications. Measuring 5.94” long, 2.56” wide and 4.02” high, it features a nominal capacity of 9.0 amp hours and 36 watts per cell. The product is available with a .250 terminal or an M5 bolt, and comes in cases made of standard ABS resin or optional flame-retardant material. 

Reading, PA

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0912mplaceescotoolImproved Maneuvering Of Heavy, Bulky Tools


Esco Tool’s MILLHOG® ET-800 Dual Spring Hanger lets users safely maneuver all types of heavy or bulky tools that need to be jogged into position. It features a top and bottom steel plate, two drawbar springs and a built-in safety chain that prevents the springs from bottoming out, wearing excessively and breaking. Rated at 610 lbs. each, the drawbar springs are mounted onto 8” W x 3/8” steel plates, permitting 3.5” of travel stopped by the 48” L safety chain.


Esco Tool
A Unit of Esco Technologies, Inc.
Holliston, MA

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0912mplaceflukeRugged Family Of Easy-To-Use Clamp Meters


Fluke’s line of 320 Series True-rms Clamp Meters is engineered for noise-free, reliable measurements in the toughest environments. Designed for long service life and ease of application, they’re suited for rugged, all-purpose use in residential, commercial, HVAC/R and light industrial electrical applications. Features include CAT III 600 V/CAT IV 300 V safety ratings and True-rms ac voltage and current for accurate measurement of non-linear signals.


Fluke Corp.
Everett, WA

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No-Fault Thermal-Imager Warranty 


Wahl Instruments has introduced a new program related to its Inspector series of Thermal Imaging Cameras. Each Wahl Heat Spy Inspector series unit now comes with a NO FAULT warranty called SPY-CARETM. It covers any unintentional damage to or breakage of a Wahl Inspector Series imager within two years of the original purchase date, no matter the cause. Under terms of this war-ranty, Wahl will repair or replace the damaged or broken camera at no charge. 


Wahl Instruments, Inc.
Asheville, NC

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0912mplaceeclipseMetal-Machining Filtration  


Eclipse Magnetics has introduced the Automag Compact, an automated filter for small- to medium-sized precision metal-machining processes. The product extracts potentially damaging ferrous particles (down to sub-micron size) from lubricants and coolants via a high-intensity magnetic circuit. According to the manufacturer, while the Automag Compact is a cost-effective solution for OEM projects, end-users can seamless retrofit it into their existing systems. It can be supplied with an Eclipse “Skid” fluid-recovery system that ensures cleaned fluid returns straight to the process. 


Eclipse Magnetics, Ltd.
Sheffield, UK


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0912mplaceAutomationDirectExpanded Ultrasonic Sensor Line


AutomationDirect’s ultrasonic sensor offering now includes additional 18mm round plastic DC models. The UK1 series are IP67-rated sensors with a 15 to 30VDC operating range and are fitted with an M12 quick-disconnect. The UK1 series offers six different output types in four different sensing ranges. They’re all equipped with LED status indicators and a push-button teach feature for configuration of normally-open and normally-closed states for DC output models and for adjustable sensitivity on analog output models.  


Cumming, GA

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7:35 pm
September 14, 2012
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My Take: Making A Change Or Two In Direction

newjaneresize2 thumb thumbI began writing this month’s column as a reminder to the innovators out there that you still  have time to enter the 2012 Maintenance & Reliability Innovator of the Year Award competition. The words were coming together well until an indecisive Hurricane Isaac decided to hunker down on the New Orleans area. Amid the post-landfall news reports was an item involving the maintenance and reliability of a mature technology. Riveting my attention for several hours, it changed the direction I originally wanted my September message to take.

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7:26 pm
September 14, 2012
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Uptime: ‘Asset Management’ Versus ‘Maintenance Management’

bob williamson thumb thumb“I know we’ve been hearing more and more about ‘Asset Management Systems’ as described in the PAS 55:2008 specification and the emerging ISO-55000 standard. But I still don’t get it. Yes, I know sometimes they change the name of something to make us think it’s new and improved. But in my mind, maintenance management IS asset maintenance. What’s the difference?” 

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7:23 pm
September 14, 2012
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Don't Procrastinate…Innovate!: American Ingenuity Is Alive And Kicking

ken bannisterJay Carney, the current White House Press Secretary, recently took the opportunity to state, “The United States of America is still the most powerful economy in the world. It is an incredible engine for creativity and innovation. And it has the smartest, most effective workforce in the world.” Carney’s assessment was spot on.

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6:40 pm
September 14, 2012
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Electrical-Safety Sense: Be On The Safe Side With PESDs

Companies across the U.S. and Canada are investing time and resources in establishing effective NFPA 70E/CSA Z462 programs to stem the risk of arc flash and other electrical hazards. Design changes are implemented with the purpose of keeping workers on the safe side of electrical panels and far away from the dangerous voltage needed to create an arc flash.

As part of those design changes, permanent electrical safety devices (PESDs)—external devices permanently mounted to electrical systems that, directly or indirectly, reduce the risk of arc flash and/or shock hazard—have become the de-facto standard to which panel designers are turning: PESDs allow them to create safer conditions for workers who are performing mechanical and electrical lock-out/tag-out and at the same time help increase the productivity of those workers. 

What others are saying
“Some companies view electrical safety as an expense,” says Dennis Doody, Project Manager with Vilter Manufacturing in Cudahy, WI, “but our motor starters actually reduce that expense. We use permanent electrical safety devices, separate enclosures and an HMI to provide the operator with tools to perform tasks outside of the enclosure rather than have to interact with energized components. By doing this, we keep employees away from energized electrical equipment and perform tasks safely on the outside of the enclosures.” 

The time and money saved as a result of Vilter including PESDs in its designs will continue to generate returns on initial investments: Safety will be increased. Bottom lines will be helped. 

Clarifying the business case
By keeping workers on the safe side of panels, organizations reduce their risk for arc flash—a phenomenon that could cost tens of millions of dollars and more. Those that do experience arc flash incidents will likely find themselves spending significant time and money contending with numerous interested parties and/or associated issues. That list could include, but wouldn’t necessarily be limited to: OSHA, unions, lawsuits, personal issues, employee re-training, increased insurance premiums, even having to reference the accident on bids for future work. The consequences that can result due to such situations detract from a company’s growth, deplete its essential resources and redirect its focus away from progress. Considered in these terms, being on the safe side/keeping workers on the safe side of your next lock-out/tag-out clearly makes good business sense. MT

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