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6:17 pm
August 1, 2014
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For On The Floor: Taking the Measure of Your Maintenance Team

Considering the many elements of a plant that are regularly measured by top maintenance crews, it’s interesting to learn from our Maintenance Technology Reader Panelists that measurement of the teams themselves is an inconsistent (sometimes even nonexistent) process. Similarly, recognition for superior team performance is minimal (and can be difficult to bestow upon a single […]

6:15 pm
August 1, 2014
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Forward Observations: Oil On the Tracks

By Rick Carter, Executive Editor If railroad tank cars carrying oil or volatile chemicals play a role in your operation—or even if they pass close to your plant—the time has come to view them as the potential safety hazards they are. A long-expected proposal from the Department of Transportation last month addresses the safety issue […]

6:14 pm
August 1, 2014
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Motor Decisions Matter: Good Repair Practices Preserve Efficiency & Budgets

By Jenna Overton, Industrial Program AssociateConsortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Just like a linchpin holds a wheel on an axle, repair-or-replace decisions are crucial to your motor-management plan. In some cases, it’s more cost-effective to repair a motor, even when a newer unit might be more efficient. Just because a motor has been repaired does […]

4:25 pm
August 1, 2014
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Lubrication Checkup: Lube-Program Musts

By Dr. Lube, aka Ken Bannister Symptom: I’m responsible for implementing a formal lubrication program. Our site uses many different lubricants and delivery systems, and has a warehouse full of half-opened lube containers. With almost no documentation and no ID on the reservoirs, I have little to go on regarding what lube goes where. How […]

4:14 pm
August 1, 2014
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My Take: Something New to Smile About

By Jane Alexander, Deputy Editor This month marks my 9th anniversary with Maintenance Technology. Flipping through copies of the magazines with which I’ve been involved for the past nine years is an uplifting experience for me. Our editorial team has done remarkable work—and intends to keep it up. From a personal standpoint, working with others to […]

4:13 pm
August 1, 2014
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A Contrarian View: Manage Your Management Problems

By Heinz Bloch, P.E. “Manage” was the blunt advice I recently gave an audience of reliability engineers. Earlier, someone from the audience had asked what should be done when “persons unknown” insist on doing things their own way. In his plant, unknown persons are apparently connecting a plant-wide oil-mist system to ordinary compressed air (plant […]

2:32 pm
August 1, 2014
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Uptime: Mainstream 2014 — Shared Visions for Reliability

The first-ever Mainstream North America conference was held in Austin, TX, in June. It was organized by the Eventful Group, well known for Mainstream conferences in Australia and New Zealand. They’ll present a Mainstream conference in South Africa later this year. The theme at the North American venue was “Asset Management.” Attracting nearly 300 speakers […]

8:29 pm
July 8, 2014
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Two New Industrial Infrared Cameras Feature Wireless Connectivity and Easy Viewing

Fluke Corporation has expanded the Fluke Connect system with its new Ti90 and Ti95 Infrared Cameras featuring wireless connectivity. According to the company, the  Ti90 and Ti95 deliver best-in-class image quality with up to 84% better spatial resolution (of handheld industrial infrared cameras priced $1000- $2000), thus allowing technicians to conduct infrared inspections from a safer distance without compromising […]