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4:56 pm
September 23, 2014
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Lubrication Checkup: How to Correct SPL Failures

By Dr. Lube, aka Ken Bannister Symptom: “We use programmable single-point lubricators for our hard-to-reach equipment bearings and regularly perform preventive-maintenance (PM) checks to ensure the units are working properly. Those PM checks recently detected that a number of newly installed units have failed to deliver any grease in weeks, despite a full charge of […]

10:39 pm
February 21, 2014
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Lubrication Checkup: Grease-Gun Tips

By Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor Symptom:   We must have at least a dozen different grease guns in our maintenance department. Some deliver more lubricant than others, yet our PMs call for a fixed amount of shots. Is this a problem?  Diagnosis:  There are no “standard” grease guns. While they may look similar, displacement and […]

7:07 pm
October 9, 2013
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Lubrication Checkup: Single-Point Lubricators

By Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor Symptom:   “We’ve begun using a variety of single-point lubricators for remote plant bearings on HVAC rooftop units, cranes, conveyor drives, etc. While our bearing failure rate has decreased drastically, we still experience failures. Is that normal for this type of automated lubricator?” Diagnosis:  Automatic single-point lubrication (SPL) devices are relatively […]

2:19 pm
August 20, 2013
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Lubrication Checkup: Automated Systems

By Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor Symptom: “We are currently implementing a plant-wide ‘equipment reliability’ initiative promoting a tangible increase in failure reduction, life-cycle improvement and asset availability. We employ many automated lubrication systems and would like some basic advice on how to improve and sustain their reliability.” Diagnosis: When set up and maintained correctly, an […]

6:33 pm
March 12, 2013
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Automated Lubrication System Improves Container-Crane Efficiency

Belgium’s Port of Antwerp (“Antwerp”) is Europe’s second largest and the fourth largest in the world. Thousands upon thousands of ocean-going vessels call at this busy facility each year, and containers are a huge (and growing) component of its maritime traffic. As it is around any port, each hour saved in handling freight that moves […]

6:00 am
August 1, 2011
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Anatomy Of A CLS: Dual Line Systems

First introduced by the Farval Lubrication company, the Dual Line centralized delivery system (also known as a Twin-Line Parallel) was designed to accurately displace and move oil or grease over great distances from a single pumping station to as few as 20 lubrication points and up to many hundreds of points.