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3:54 pm
November 25, 2015
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Schneider Electric Furthers IIoT Evolution

“The Industrial Internet of Things [IIoT] is an evolution, not a revolution,” was the lead statement at the Schneider Electric SPS Nuremberg show in Nuremberg, Germany, Nov. 24, 2015. To support that claim, Clemens Blum, Schneider’s executive vice president of industry business, referred to the description of a Schneider 1999 Computerworld Smithsonian Award that talked about connected products and systems that operate as part of a larger system of systems and smart plants and machines, with embedded intelligence, that are integrated to enable the smart enterprise, improve efficiency and profitability, increase cyber security, and improve safety.

Marketing director of machine solutions, Rainer Beudert, followed with a discussion of smart machines and how they fit in the evolving IIoT. He described the Schneider definition of a smart machine as one that intuitively interacts with operators; assists with predictive maintenance; minimizes its environmental footprint; and provides modularity, connectivity, plug and work setup, self awareness, reusable design, digital mobility, and data management. It also makes available information about status, configuration, conditions, quality, and features.

To learn more about what Schneider is doing to further the IIoT evolution, view the press-conference video at:


3:31 pm
July 14, 2014
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Remote Switch Actuator for ABB/Sace Tmax T7M Molded-Case Circuit Breakers Helps Eliminate Need for Arc-Flash Suits During Operation

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 10.22.59 AMCBS ArcSafe has introduced a remote switch actuator for the ABB/Sace Tmax T7M low-voltage molded case circuit breakers with current ratings of 1000A and 1200A. The new RSA-174E actuators are designed for Tmax T7M breakers equipped with optional stored-energy mechanisms (SEMs) and allow technicians to safely close and/or trip breakers outside of the arc-flash hazard boundary without any modification to the breaker. In many installations, the Tmax T7M circuit breakers are recessed into a cabinet, and the new remote switch actuators are designed to mount directly on to the breaker inside these cabinets.

According to the company, when accompanied by a CBS ArcSafe remote switch operator (RSO) control unit, the RSA-174E reduces the need for arc-flash suits and eliminates all hazardous manual contact with gear during operation by providing open and close operation from up to 300 feet away. The actuator is lightweight, portable, and simple to install and set up, providing technicians with a quick solution for hard-to-access breaker locations. The RSA-174E requires no modifications for switchgear mounting, and operators can easily move the actuator from one breaker to another.

Optional features for the RSA-174E include a radio remote with a range of up to 300 feet, a wired or wireless video camera system with LCD monitor for remote viewing, and a custom-fit rugged storage case. When combined, these features make the RSA-174E easy to install and remove, allowing technicians to quickly and safely set up and operate different sets of the same electrical equipment.

The manufacturer notes that all CBS ArcSafeproducts are manufactured in the U.S. at the company’s production facility in Denton, TX.


6:19 pm
July 8, 2014
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Interlock Technology Improves Process Safety in Tanker Loading/Unloading Operations

image009Kirk Key’s (Kirk) Eagle Series interlocking products provide process-safety control in tanker loading and unloading operations. The company’s trapped key interlocking systems ensure that users follow a pre-determined sequence of operation for activating road, rail, and sea tanker control valves in oil refining, petro-chemical, pulp and paper, liquefied gas and other industrial applications. Kirk Eagle Series valve interlocks integrate with its mechanical and electromechanical trapped key interlock series to form a comprehensive safety scheme.

According to the manufacturer, product-transfer procedures that rely on manual control can lead to spills or leakage of hazardous gases or liquids, causing injury, property damage and potential fines. By controlling a defined sequence of equipment operation, such hazards are minimized.

The company says its interlocking systems are designed to site requirements and ensure that safety processes move smoothly across a range of equipment including road, rail or marine barriers, hoses, gantry accesses, valves and pump electrical switches. Each step in the scheme releases a uniquely coded key required to move safely on to the next step of the sequence. These oversized keys can’t be duplicated and the sequence can’t be circumvented.

The Eagle Series includes integral valve interlocks to fit every type and size of quarter and multi-turn valves, as well as bolt and electro-mechanical interlocks. To support long-term use in harsh environments, all Eagle Series products are manufactured entirely of 316 stainless steel and incorporate keyways that are protected by a gasketed flip covers.


7:49 pm
June 24, 2014
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Mobile Solution Allows Secure Operator Interfaces with Automation Systems from Anywhere

newsp_GROOV-AR1_and_iPhoneOpto 22 has introduced a new groov Box (GROOV-AR1) that hosts the company’s groov mobile operator interfaces for virtually any automation system. Users connect their automation system to groov, then connect authorized mobile devices to groov via either a Web browser or app interface. This allows each device to interact with the automation system in a secure, predefined manner.

This industrially hardened Web-serving appliance has an operating-temperature range of 0-70 C (32-158 F), compact footprint, complete solid-state fanless design with no moving parts, quad-core processing, gigabit Ethernet interfaces and USB expansion for wireless LAN interfaces. Measuring 4.2 (W) x 6.8 (L) x 1.4 (D) inches (106 x 171 x 33 mm), the unit’s size and rugged design make it well suited for harsh environments.

According to the company, the groov Box is manufactured in and supported from the U.S.A. Opto 22 product support is free.

What’s groov?
Opto 22’s groov technology is a zero-programming, Web-based way to build, deploy and view effective, scalable operator interfaces to monitor and control automation systems and associated components, equipment and processes. These operator interfaces can be viewed on almost any mobile device or computer, regardless of its manufacturer, operating system or screen size, and two-way communication allows remote control for authorized and authenticated users. Supported devices include smartphones, tablets, computers and smart high-definition televisions. The technology augments existing human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and SCADA systems by making important information available at any time and in any location.


7:22 pm
June 18, 2014
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Marsh Bellofram Offers 10-Day Standard Lead Times for Instrumentation & Control Lines

Marsh Bellofram has announced that it is now offering 10-day standard lead times across its full divisional product portfolio of high-performance OEM, industrial and process-control instrumentation. The announcement pertains to more than 3500 standard models from the Bellofram Group of Companies, many of which can be purchased on the company’s Website.

Items include industrial timers and counters from Automatic Timing & Controls; pump and motor protection switches and relays from ATC Diversified Electronics; BelGas gas pressure regulators; specialty rolling elastomeric diaphragms from Bellofram Diaphragms; WESTCON AC tachometers; industrial air-pressure regulators from Bellofram Precision Controls; Bellofram Silicones specialty silicone elastomer sponge and molded products; tank and liquid-level measurement systems from King Engineering; Marsh Instruments industrial pressure instruments and gauges; and brushless DC tachometer generators, optical encoders and motor generators from ServoTek Products.

All Bellofram products are made in the USA. According to the company, each product is fully tested prior to factory shipment to ensure its ability to withstand demanding environments.

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5:06 pm
June 18, 2014
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Remote-Access Machine Controller Bridges Digital and Physical Plant Environments

According to Nanospark, its new machine interface controller with a variety of digital and analog inputs and outputs can effectively “wire” users to nearly any machines and sensors in their plants. Operated through an app that can be accessed with a range of devices, it incorporates a number of capabilities, including a scheduling feature to run equipment only when it’s needed, thus saving energy. This same feature can make key pieces of equipment ready for employees when they begin their shifts or turn on machines early so they’re running by the time operators arrive.

Nanospark also allows users to turn off machinery from afar via text-messaging. This remote monitoring and control feature works anywhere a phone signal is available and can be added to any machine.

The alerts feature on this new machine controller can be leveraged both for emergency notifications and to streamline processes and increase productivity. When a condition is met, the user receives a notification and, if needed, can quickly begin taking corrective actions.



3:54 pm
June 18, 2014
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Non-Stop Safety Solution Benefits Small and Mid-Range Applications

HIMA_Pressrelease_HIMax_XCPU31_2MBHIMA has expanded its HIMax safety system product line with a CPU for small and mid-range applications. Announced in late 2013, the X-CPU 31 module is now available worldwide.

According to the manufacturer, its original HIMax system featuring the X-CPU 01 with a separate system bus module is still appropriate for high-level safety applications. Smaller applications, however, will be able to benefit from the scalability and adaptability of the X-CPU 31, which integrates all functions of the system bus module.

Offered as part of HIMA’s FlexSILon complete solutions portfolio, this new CPU provides efficient burner and boiler management, leak detection for pipelines and control of turbomachinery. Its performance range includes emergency shutdown (ESD) and Fire & Gas (F&G) applications.


12:26 pm
June 11, 2014
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GE Expands Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities of Power & Water Businesses



General Electric (GE) has announced the construction of a new state-of-the-art Power & Water advanced manufacturing facility to be built in Greenville, SC. Part of the company’s plans to invest $400 million in this community over the next 10 years, the new Advanced Manufacturing Works operation will  be the first of its kind for GE Power & Water. Scheduled to open in 2015, the facility (as shown in the accompanying artist rendering) is expected to create 80 new high-tech jobs. The site will serve as an incubator for innovative advanced manufacturing-process development and rapid prototyping for the Power & Water businesses, including wind turbines, heavy duty gas engines, distributed power gas engines, nuclear power services and water processing.

GE started in Greenville more than 40 years ago with a 340,000 sq. ft. site. Since then, that footprint has grown to encompass over 1.5 million square feet of factory and office operations. The company currently has more than 3000 employees in Greenville and, in the past five years, has invested more than $500 million to bolster critical manufacturing activities on the GE Power & Water campus.