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10:05 pm
February 8, 2016
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Select the Best VFD for Your Application

According to the technical experts at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Vernon Hills, IL, there are several factors to consider when selecting variable-frequency drives (VFDs). Among them: What is your load type: constant or variable torque? For a constant-torque load, the torque is independent of speed (ignoring momentary shock loads). Examples include conveyors and hoists. For a […]


8:23 pm
December 17, 2015
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Three-Phase Motor Tips: How To Evaluate Winding Temperatures

Before pulling what might be a hot-running unit, take the time to confirm your suspicion. By Mike Howell, Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) Suspect a three-phase motor is running hot? If you’re right, the unit is either producing more heat than it’s designed for or dissipating less. With excess heat, the main concerns are typically the health […]


3:54 pm
November 25, 2015
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Schneider Electric Furthers IIoT Evolution

“The Industrial Internet of Things [IIoT] is an evolution, not a revolution,” was the lead statement at the Schneider Electric SPS Nuremberg show in Nuremberg, Germany, Nov. 24, 2015. To support that claim, Clemens Blum, Schneider’s executive vice president of industry business, referred to the description of a Schneider 1999 Computerworld Smithsonian Award that talked […]


6:34 pm
August 6, 2015
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Cool Advice On Hot Motors

Increased operating temperatures damage motors. Protection starts at the source. By Jim Bryan, Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) The effects of excessive temperature on motor performance are notorious. After moisture, they are the greatest contributor to bearing and winding failures. Understanding the source of increased temperature is key to correcting the problem and improving the reliability of […]


6:04 pm
July 10, 2015
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Use These Keys to Achieve Effective Balancing

Looking for keys to successful dynamic balancing of your plant’s equipment? Use the following eight points from Ludeca Inc.’s (Doral, FL) Gary James. More important, include them as must-do elements in your balancing procedures. —Jane Alexander, Managing Editor — Inspect the equipment structure/mounts to make sure no cracks or loose bolts are present. — Confirm […]


3:29 pm
May 1, 2015
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Safe Starting of Motors: Check for Temperature Increase

Motor life depends on careful starting procedures and minimizing heat build-up.  By Jim Bryan, EASA Technical Support Specialist The most stressful time for an electric motor is during starting, when the shaft speed is zero and the motor current is at its maximum. This condition is termed starting or locked-rotor current. Figure 1 illustrates its effects, […]


10:41 am
March 12, 2015
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Maintaining Modular Conveyor Systems In Flexible Manufacturing Operations

Regularly scheduled maintenance and attention to detail are crucial for ensuring the longevity and efficiency of these systems. Pallet-based modular conveyors used in flexible manufacturing provide a wealth of benefits in just about any assembly operation. Suitable for applications ranging from small electronic parts assembly to large appliance manufacturing, automotive drivetrain and even medical-device assembly, […]


11:07 pm
February 18, 2015
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Boosting Your Bottom Line: Keeping Your 2015 Motor Resolution

By Walker Larsen, Program Manager, Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Every January 1, many of us pledge to turn over a new leaf by making New Year’s resolutions. A good one for those in industry to have made this year would be to boost their bottom lines by resolving to better manage their electric motor-driven systems and save energy […]