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5:45 pm
August 6, 2015
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Put a Good Base Under Your Pumps

We know that a solid foundation is a proven way to increase the mean time between planned maintenance for most types of rotating equipment. But not all rotating-equipment bases are created equal. As reliability expert Heinz Bloch notes in his 2011 book Pump Wisdom, there is no single, accepted way to mount rotating equipment, such […]


10:14 pm
February 16, 2015
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Smart Pumping Solutions Showcase

Efficient, Vertical In-Line Pumps Patterson’s Vertical In-Line HVAC Pumps are available with energy-saving Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) power and with the company’s CloudStat Real-Time, Web-Based HVAC Pump Monitoring. Schneider Electric Altivar 212 VFDs, mounted directly to Patterson’s VIL HVAC pumps, eliminate the need for pressure reducing or throttling valves or inlet guide vanes. The VFDs […]


2:25 am
August 6, 2014
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ITT Opens New U.S. Facility for Advanced Testing and Packaging of Complex, Highly-Engineered Pump Systems

ITT Corporation (ITT) recently opened a new addition at its Seneca Falls, NY, manufacturing campus. The  advanced testing and packaging facility  is focused on the highly engineered pumps that are typically used in oil and gas, petrochemical and mining applications. The new facility encompasses more than 89,000 square feet that include office space and approximately 79,000 square feet of product operations. According to ITT, this $22 million expansion project was driven, […]


3:44 pm
June 30, 2014
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New Line of Large, Energy-Efficient Motors for High-Torque Industrial Applications

Baldor Electric Co. has introduced a new line of energy-efficient, large AC – GPM Induction Motors. Used in high-torque industrial applications, including pumps, fans, conveyors and compressors, the product line is available in stock ratings 250 – 1000 HP, 2300/4000 Volt, totally enclosed (TEFC), fan-cooled, foot mounted designs. Features and benefits of the stock-motor lineup include: Cast iron […]


4:07 pm
June 5, 2014
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All-in-One Condition-Monitoring Solution for Rotating and Reciprocating Equipment

According to Machine Saver, its patent-pending VTB product offers operations an all-in-one/one-size-fits-all condition-monitoring solution for rotating and reciprocating equipment. Designed to monitor ball bearings, roller bearings and gear conditions, this recently introduced digital triaxial accelerometer and temperature sensor can interface with a DCS, PLC or SCADA, or function as a standalone machine-protection monitor. The VTB provides overall vibration […]


8:44 pm
March 21, 2012
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Big Money Talks: Legislate Pump Efficiency By Itself? “Figgudebodi!”

By William C. Livoti As you may have deduced from my name, I’m Sicilian. Anyone familiar with Sicilians will understand the family-bonding thing. The Livoti family was no different. When I was a young impressionable lad, our cousin Rosalie came from Cinisi, Sicily, our family home, for an extended visit. (FYI: Cinisi, settled in 1383, […]