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3:09 pm
January 13, 2015
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Leading by Example

International pump manufacturer Grundfos ably demonstrates its strong commitment to sustainability in a water-saving project at its plant in California. By Rick Carter, Executive Editor Few employees in the Fresno, CA, area can claim they work near a large body of water. This makes Facilities Manager Greg Gorby and his 350 co-workers at Grundfos’ Fresno […]

3:08 pm
January 13, 2015
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All in a Day’s Work

Two Schneider Electric facility engineers share their tips for ensuring the safety, efficiency and reliability of a site’s electrical system. By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor The infrastructure of a typical commercial or industrial facility is a complex network of electrical, electronic, process and control, automation and building-management systems. Some facilities include critical power and cooling […]

3:06 pm
January 13, 2015
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Powerful Automation Technologies Propel a Michigan OEM Into New HVAC Markets

Faster, better, more cost-effective processes are expanding business opportunities for this company around the globe. Burr OAK Tool, Inc., Sturgis, MI, is a leader in the design and manufacture of custom production machinery for heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning OEMs. Plumbing, appliance, automotive and tube-component producers also depend on machinery and tooling from Burr OAK. Over […]

3:05 pm
January 13, 2015
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Why Single-Sourcing is Bad

Responding to feedback from the field, our “Contrarian View” columnist explains why narrowing your supply-chain choices is a surefire way to choke off innovation. By Heinz Bloch, P.E. When a large, West-Coast refinery decided to purchase from a single provider of mechanical seals, it experienced problems because the supplier did not have technical parity in all […]

2:45 pm
January 13, 2015
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Workforce Development Issues: Has Technology Changed the Game?

By Michael I. Callanan, Former Executive Director, Electrical Training ALLIANCE In past installments of this column, we have focused on the changing nature of apprenticeship and the economic forces that redefine our apprenticeship model. There is another important factor contributing to and reshaping every aspect of training and talent development: technology. We have already discussed […]

2:35 pm
January 13, 2015
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Uptime: Asset Management — When the ‘Line of Sight’ is Broken

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor Consider this: New equipment was designed and purchased before maintenance and operations had been consulted. Training and documentation for the new equipment had been eliminated in the final stages of the project as a cost-saving measure. Shortly after installation, marketing launched a new product that the plant wasn’t prepared to […]

6:49 pm
December 23, 2014
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After A Storm: Schneider Electric Urges Caution During Electrical-System Recovery Efforts

Recent storms that brought torrential rain, mudslides, winds and power outages to areas of the West Coast should serve as a strong reminder to all industrial operations. Given the fact that water and electricity don’t mix, restoring power to water-damaged equipment can be a dangerous undertaking. Chad Kennedy, the Industry Standards Manager for Power Equipment at Schneider Electric, says that […]

7:04 pm
December 10, 2014
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AVnu Alliance’s Industrial Focus to Open New Paths Across the Industrial Internet

AVnu Alliance (Alliance), the industry consortium driving open standards-based deterministic networking through certification, has announced the creation of a new Industrial market segment. The move appears to be based, in part, on standard Ethernet’s expanded range, functionality and application with the evolution of the Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standard into Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).  Those new TSN capabilities, […]