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3:00 pm
June 12, 2015
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Improved Culture Cuts Downtime

By Shadrach A. Stephens, The Dow Chemical Co. Infusing cultural improvements into reliability strategies helped Dow’s Deer Park, TX, operations realize an 85% improvement in unplanned instrument-related downtime. As management philosopher Peter Drucker once described it, “Company culture is like country culture: Never try to change it. Instead, work with what you have.” That’s what we’ve done […]

2:44 pm
June 12, 2015
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Assign Areas to Maximize Power-Plant Skills

By T.E. Baker, Sumatron Inc. Use this labor-specialization approach to make the most out of a limited number of skilled workers, cut costs, improve efficiency, and enhance safety. Countless operations around the globe are feeling the impact of the ongoing skilled-workforce crisis. That situation, combined with the types of advanced digital-logic technologies on which industries now rely, […]

12:06 pm
June 12, 2015
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Gateways Make Systems Multilingual

By Rick Carter, Executive Editor Industrial Ethernet gateways streamline equipment communication by handling protocol conversion. They’ll also monitor energy use and add functionality to older equipment.  If you don’t know about the industrial Ethernet gateway, you may be missing an opportunity to improve communication among your automated equipment, make older equipment more functional, and simplify activities such […]

3:54 pm
May 29, 2015
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Mobile Data Collection and Reporting Reduces Railway-Track Downtime

LORAM turns to a remote-monitoring software solution from Rockwell Automation and Microsoft to streamline crucial track-maintenance activities. Increased railway volume in the past few years has brought the importance of track uptime into greater focus for many operations. Tracks can be among the most costly assets that railway companies manage. Extensive downtime, planned or otherwise, is not an option in […]

1:06 pm
May 19, 2015
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Field-Mounted CSI 3000 Machinery Health Monitor from Emerson Process Management Improves Safety and Availability of More Rotating Assets

Emerson Process Management (Emerson) has introduced the CSI 3000 Machinery Health Monitor, a compact, field-mounted, dual-channel protection system for pumps, compressors, centrifuges, blowers, and generators. According to the manufacturer, the CSI 3000 delivers protection data in the types of situations where a standard rack-based system can’t fit or isn’t cost-effective. The CSI 3000 measures shaft vibration, bearing vibration, position, […]

1:50 pm
May 1, 2015
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Don’t Procrastinate…Innovate: Maintaining to the Weakest Link, Part 1 — Weakness as a Desired State

By Ken Bannister, CMRP, Contributing Editor Remember the television game show Weakest Link? Its authoritarian host Anne Robinson specialized in shaming failing contestants with the words, “You are the weakest link, goodbye!” Unlike the TV show, which is designed to provoke disharmony among team members and negatively exploit the knowledge gaps of its contestants, the asset-management world […]

1:22 pm
May 1, 2015
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The Psychology Of Successful Maintenance and Reliability Programs

Value-added opportunities to learn from the success of other industry pros don’t come along everyday. Grab them when you can, starting this June at the Mainstream Conference in Denver. Here’s what Joe Park of Novelis will be talking about. By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor Joe Park is a busy man. The Global Director of Reliability […]

2:24 am
April 12, 2015
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Regal Power Transmission Solutions to Showcase New Mill-Drive Condition Monitoring Program at AISTech 2015

Regal Power Transmission Solutions (PTS) will introduce its new mill-drive condition monitoring program to the iron and steel industry at next month’s AISTech 2015 event in Cleveland, OH. The system incorporates technology that monitors drive dynamics, presents mill operators with a real-time snapshot of system health and alerts them when vibration and torque values exceed threshold limits. Use of this technology, Regal says, has already […]