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1:23 am
November 16, 2015
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Take A “CSI” Approach to Asset Management

The types of analytic, forensic, and diagnostic methods leveraged by various crime-lab sleuths in a long-running television franchise also have value for maintenance organizations in real-world environments. By Ken Bannister, MEch (UK), CMRP, MLE, Contributing Editor Many maintenance professionals may be fans of the popular CBS television crime series “CSI (Crime Scene Investigation).” Modeled in the classic […]


1:50 pm
May 1, 2015
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Don’t Procrastinate…Innovate: Maintaining to the Weakest Link, Part 1 — Weakness as a Desired State

By Ken Bannister, CMRP, Contributing Editor Remember the television game show Weakest Link? Its authoritarian host Anne Robinson specialized in shaming failing contestants with the words, “You are the weakest link, goodbye!” Unlike the TV show, which is designed to provoke disharmony among team members and negatively exploit the knowledge gaps of its contestants, the asset-management world […]


4:25 am
April 1, 2015
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Protect Yourself From Counterfeits: What You Should Know

A Q&A with Eaton’s Tom Grace about the dangers of counterfeit electrical equipment and components. Counterfeit equipment and components continue to flood into the North American supply chain. From an industrial perspective, the problems this situation poses for plants and facilities, as well as for the end-users of products manufactured in those operations, can be […]


6:10 pm
March 13, 2015
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Industry Trends: APM — Poster Child for IIoT ROI

By Dan Miklovic, Principal Analyst, LNS Research With bold market-size predictions ranging from $20B to $50B by 2020, it’s perhaps not surprising that the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most-talked-about technology topics these days. Carrying the potential promise of the ability to connect every device on earth, it seems, the IoT and, by extension, the […]


2:40 pm
March 12, 2015
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The Business Case For Asset Reliability

Build it by understanding how the many benefits of asset reliability affect everything the operation wants to accomplish. By Al Poling, CMRP Corporate executives and senior managers have historically held a dim view of the maintenance function. Many believe maintenance would be unnecessary if manufacturing operations were better run. Consequently, it is not uncommon to […]


11:32 am
March 12, 2015
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The Benefits of Detailed Failed-Part Analysis

Analyze your failed parts as a doctor would conduct an autopsy, and you’ll learn much about your operational effectiveness. By Cody Hostick, P.E., CMRP, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory A robust failed-part analysis of field returns is a well-recognized approach for identifying part hardening and design-improvement opportunities. Part and equipment autopsies are analogous to medical autopsies, and seek […]


9:40 pm
February 17, 2015
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Mining Gold From 21st Century Storerooms

Operating your MRO storeroom as a business unit can yield a wealth of cost-saving opportunities. Advanced technologies coupled with today’s best practices play a key role. By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor with Wally Wilson, CMRP, CPIM, Life Cycle Engineering Countless storerooms continue to rely on the same types of inventory-management practices, warehouse racking and material-handling systems that were used […]


5:20 pm
February 17, 2015
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‘Sorry: Your Part Is No Longer Available’

How do you respond when you hear that statement? Here are ways to address the unavailability of critical equipment-system components. By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor The phrase “no longer available” sends chills down the spine of even the most hardened maintenance pro. A production line goes down, and a crucial part must be replaced to […]