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9:01 pm
August 28, 2014
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Uptime: TPM — A Foundation for Asset-Management Systems, Part I

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor If you cannot make Total Productive Maintenance work in your plant, you will surely struggle with the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standard. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is an organization-wide process for improving equipment effectiveness that was taken from the heart of what we now know as the “Toyota Production System” […]

8:16 pm
April 22, 2014
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From Our Perspective: Ol’ Dependable

By Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor If you, like me, are a viewer of the many wonderful public-broadcasting TV stations that are available, you may have come across a British Broadcasting Corporation program called Heartbeat. Set in the Yorkshire countryside of the 1960s, it depicts life in a small town from the local Bobbie’s (policeman’s) perspective. […]

11:43 pm
December 19, 2013
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ISO 55000 Management Systems: Part II — The People Side

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor “In our company we often talk about the importance of leadership and teamwork in the functioning of maintenance organizations and even in the bigger picture, the success of the company. How will leadership and teamwork play out in ISO 55001 Asset Management – Management Systems – Requirements?” Great question. ISO […]

7:20 pm
October 9, 2013
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Uptime: ISO 55000: Management Systems For Asset Management, Part I

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor Facilities and equipment management is about to be taken to a whole new level with the release of ISO 55000 Asset Management Standard scheduled for early 2014. Or is it? The long-awaited rollout of this new global standard might not be what many are assuming it will be. Then again, […]

8:42 pm
October 11, 2011
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For On The Floor: ISO-Lation Or ISO-Nation?

By Rick Carter, Executive Editor In April, Maintenance Technology Reader Panelists offered their views on personal certifications such as CMRP and CLS. Here, they reflect on the value and impact of company certification to standards that address operational management issues, such as those from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and others.

4:08 pm
May 16, 2011
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Viewpoint: What Do We Do When ISO 55000 Arrives?

By Mike Poland, CMRP, Director of Asset Management Services, Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) BSI PAS 55 is a specification, not a standard. Until the new ISO standards exist (between 2012 and 2013), we can refer to several documents that have been developed as management-system standards: All have six common elements (so will this latest addition to […]