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8:57 pm
August 6, 2015
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Uptime: Boost STEM, Develop Skilled Workers

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor The resurgence of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) courses of study in the national education community is not new. STEM education dates to the 1950s, but gained national attention with the 1983 report from President Reagan’s National Commission on Excellence in Education, “A Nation at Risk.” But I’m convinced […]

8:45 pm
August 6, 2015
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For on the Floor: NFPA 70E 2015 — Making Its Way Into Plants

By Rick Carter, Executive Editor The National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace—NFPA 70E—should be required reading for anyone who works on energized equipment. Revised every three years, the Standard’s latest version—the 2015 edition (which supersedes all others)—is available for purchase or free download at The several changes NFPA […]

5:36 pm
August 6, 2015
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Workforce Development: Trial-and-Error Learning

By Todd W. Stafford, Executive Director, Electrical Training Alliance Past installments of this column have explored the game-changing nature of apprenticeship, coupled with the use of technology and the impact it has on effective learning. This month, we examine the effects of digital technologies/environments on apprenticeship-training models. For truly effective programs, creators of apprenticeship training courses must […]

1:22 pm
May 1, 2015
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The Psychology Of Successful Maintenance and Reliability Programs

Value-added opportunities to learn from the success of other industry pros don’t come along everyday. Grab them when you can, starting this June at the Mainstream Conference in Denver. Here’s what Joe Park of Novelis will be talking about. By Jane Alexander, Managing Editor Joe Park is a busy man. The Global Director of Reliability […]

2:45 pm
January 13, 2015
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Workforce Development Issues: Has Technology Changed the Game?

By Michael I. Callanan, Former Executive Director, Electrical Training ALLIANCE In past installments of this column, we have focused on the changing nature of apprenticeship and the economic forces that redefine our apprenticeship model. There is another important factor contributing to and reshaping every aspect of training and talent development: technology. We have already discussed […]

7:31 pm
December 1, 2014
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Uptime: Can Training Increase Maintenance Costs?

By Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor Effective training results in learning to improve one’s knowledge and performance. Ideally, job-related training should result in learning (i.e., becoming qualified to perform the job as expected), mastery of job skills and knowledge. Training methods have changed dramatically over the decades, including the embracing of online and computer-based models. Faster […]

5:00 pm
September 29, 2014
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Workforce Development Issues: Pre-Apprenticeship Leads the Way

By Michael I. Callanan, Executive Director, Electrical Training ALLIANCE In the upcoming weeks, we expect to hear an announcement from the Department of Labor that it is making $100 million in funding available to support the development and implementation of apprenticeship programs. How should that funding be allocated? I believe, for two reasons, that this […]

8:49 pm
September 28, 2014
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Product Spotlight: Training

Online Machinery Training for the Plastics Industry SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association and training provider Tooling U-SME have launched an online training program for the plastics industry. PlasticsU will provide formal online training tailored specifically for the industry’s challenges and needs. With levels ranging from basic to highly advanced, courses include Interpreting Blueprints; Creating […]