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9:59 pm
July 1, 2009
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A New Performance Measure: Timed Production Effectiveness

  In the new world of multifunction manufacturing teams, limited resources, and relentless pressure on costs, managers are wrestling with three common issues: How to prioritize the use of limited resources. How to manage for optimum results. How to measure progress. If what you measure is what you get, perhaps we had better begin from […]


3:30 am
July 2, 1997
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Control Procedures with Configuration Management

Using maintenance procedures helps attain consistent results and establishes standards. Configuration management principles for controlling procedures help an organization become a world-class team. A reliability-centered maintenance program is in place, condition monitoring is a fact, and total productive maintenance (TPM) teams are functioning well. Plant reliability is up, production is at peak levels, and corrective […]


1:18 am
July 2, 1997
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Chemical Plant Saves $220,000 with Predictive Maintenance Program

In May 1996, Mobil Chemical’s plant in Belleville, ON, launched a new predictive maintenance (PDM) program on its oriented polypropylene film manufacturing lines. This division of Mobil Oil is a principal supplier of film used for cookie and snack food wrappers at companies such as Hostess and Frito Lay. The new program was designed to […]


11:55 pm
July 1, 1997
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The Guru Principle

Today, few people question the potential rewards of predictive or condition-based maintenance. But why does this modern approach to maintenance deliver spectacular results in one plant yet fall short in a similar plant? According to Ralph Buscarello, the primary reason most programs fail to reach theirpotential is the find-and-replace mentality of many maintenance organizations. They […]


9:09 pm
July 1, 1997
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Client/Server Software: What Is It All About?

Modern program architecture benefits provide flexibility, reliability, and responsiveness for larger applications. Client/server methodology and architecture offer a versatile approach to the development and deployment of software for major computer applications critical to strategic planning and enterprise operations. Maintenance information systems and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) for larger plants fall into this critical software […]