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9:33 pm
April 29, 2009
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Empowerment. Empowerment. Empowerment.

We hear a lot about empowerment. I believe the word is used too often and in too many situations, so much in fact that its meaning is beginning to drift. Bored workers see empowerment as nothing more than another hollow platitude espoused by top management during the current productivity campaign. Old-style harried supervisors think of […]

2:59 am
March 2, 1997
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The Maintenance Mission

What exactly is the purpose of the maintenance function? In a world of endless reorganizations, shifting technological paradigms, growing expectations, and increasingly onerous regulatory constraints, all of which must be dealt with urgently, it is easy to lose the way. Most major corporations have developed formal mission statements to help them maintain a steady course […]

2:13 am
March 2, 1997
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Visual Aids Speed Maintenance

Suggestions from a maintenance professional for point-of-use maintenance information delivered by visual aids and equipment manuals. Diagrams, charts, labels, signs, and other visual aids attached to plant equipment, printed in procedures and documentation, and posted throughout the plant speed maintenance and operating tasks as well as contribute to plant safety. While attending a recent total […]

12:57 am
March 2, 1997
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Qualify and Certify Staff for Shaft Alignment

Companies should determine the skill level of personnel responsible for alignment, arrange for appropriate training for proficiency, and use qualification testing for certification.These examples show the need for certification in shaft alignment. A maintenance technician at a chemical plant was asked to align a motor and a pump with a newly purchased laser shaft alignment […]

12:52 am
March 2, 1997
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Using Ultrasound for High Voltage Insulation Testing

Ultrasound is an effective, low cost method for evaluating the condition of insulation components on high-voltage transmission and distribution equipment. Conventional testing methods require the equipment to be shut down. Ultrasonic testing can locate failing insulation components in live electrical distribution and transmission equipment. Ultrasonic testing is suitable for outdoor substation and aerial transmission equipment, […]